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Happy Sunday ... fresh start to a new week .. How are YOU going to use it ??? :)

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks .

Oh what a difference a day makes .. !!!! I felt great all day yesterday. We had a wonderful day yesterday and I felt so much better .. :)

We started out at the zoo for a fresh air walk .. and it felt great, with the freshness and crispness of autumn ..

Most of the animals were resting, but we walked in, and those of us that have ever had animals will understand .. The penguins were having a MAJOR case of penguin zoomies ... lol lol lol.. and where hysterical to watch .. flying by and jumping out of the water .. I was so enjoying watching them, I forgot my camera .. (sorry) .. lol lol .. but I've never seen them like that !!! so they were probably enjoying the autumn weather as well .. lol lol lol ..

They had halloween displays throughout the zoo .. and they were fun to look at .. in some of them they had an "I spy" game .. lol lol ..

I found my next pet .. :) He must have been a huntsman spider, because he was as big as I am .. lol lol lol ..

and then we found Jacks resting place .. so this is where he is ... lol

We talked and talked as we walked and walked .. Hubby laughed at me, because we were walking on a path where the zoo train passes up on the ridge ... when it came by I stood and waved .. allll the wayyyy through the train .. and most of the people waved back ... some shyly, but they waved .. lol lol .. He just stood and laughed .. lol .. Yup -- I felt good !!! :)

But what surprised me the most .... the mega most was normally at the beginning of my walks for about 5 minutes ... my right leg always felt like a lead weight .. this happened until my body got "into step" and then there was just automatic movement .. and heaven help me if there was a reason why I had to stop that movement .. because it was 2x as hard to restart ... and then after a while the hurt started .. and then the lead weight leg would come back (toward the end of my walks) ...

Soooo Yesterday .. while walking at the zoo .. I was really surprised ... I NEVER went through the initial "lead leg" period .. the automatic movement didn't come, and the pain and exhaustion at the end never hit .. ??? What is going on ??? Is strengthening my core muscles doing more than fixing my back ??? THIS WAS AMAZING !!!!!! I was so EXCITED !!!!!!

Oh yea .. I enjoy candy corn .. and I finally found out where candy corn comes from !!!!!!

They plant seeds at the beginning of summer, and you get candy corn plants !!!! :)

Now that you've had your education out of the way for today .. :)

Hubby took me to lunch, and we talked and talked and talked and talked .. for as much as I did NOT want to talk on Friday; I made up for it yesterday .. We talked about our upcoming vacation, we talked about our friends, we talked about this upcoming week, we talked and talked and talked .. it was so much fun !!!!!

Don't tell anyone but I'm off the wall excited for my upcoming vaca with hubby .. it's going to be for over my birthday !!!! :) I can't wait !!!!! but don't tell anyone .. lol lol ..My challenge is to hold it in for now, but all these little things that I'm seeing .. My walking, my ability to move, my back feeling better ... etc etc .. are all making it more and more exciting .. :) Yes .. I'm still taking Rose with me (my cane) but if I don't need her she will stay in the room .. (usually by the end of the day) Hubby told me of plans; he asked what my "weight limit" was and I told him that since I wasn't working my doctor gave the suggestion of 10 pounds .. but one of the casinos has a bowling alley, and they make lighter weight balls; I told him if it doesn't work after 1 game, we stop .. but he's suggesting things like that .. :) and I'm excited !!!!!

Uly cam came through my phone yesterday while we were at the zoo, and it seems that there was a bit of a party going on, and they found a new friend .. or a new friend found them .. lol lol ..

We didn't find any empty wrappers around so I'm proud of Uly for keeping the party away from the candy ... Good Uly !!!!!

BUT ... The one we're calling "Eddie Haskell" found the drone controls, and thank goodness there are a couple of switches in order to use the drone .. lol lol .. or who knows what we would have found .... lol ..

And with him wearing aviator garb, we would be in big trouble .. but alas .. he got bored with the controls that didn't do anything .... lol lol ..

We came home and the house was still standing .. Hubby was getting ready for his trick or treaters, and I went up and worked on my quilt for a bit ..

I came downstairs to sit with hubby during the trick or treating, and went into his Shutterfly .. He said he was having a problem with it; and it seemed to work for me .. We made up a 2019 Uly and Friends calendar .. :) :) It's going to be soooo cute !!!!! Even marked TD's and Uly's birthday .. TD's is February 14th, and Uly's is March 21 .. :) I can't wait to get it !!!! :)

It was the close to a perfect day !!! I felt so good when I went upstairs after trick or treating was over .. (we only got I think last count was 9 or 10 this year .. :( ) I did my exercise and went to bed .. and actually slept pretty good !!! :)

Today we're going up north ..... taking mom to the casino up there ... I'll be driving ... and I'm looking forward to it, minus the rain and wind .. lol .. but ya can't have everything .. lol lol .. but I'm looking forward to it .. :)

Wishing everyone a great day !!! and we'll talk again later !!!!!
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    172 days ago
    Looks like Uly was sharing nicely! Good job.. OHHHHHHH boy, good they stepped away from the candy basket!!! PHEW.

    And of COURSE Eddie found the controls for the drone! LOL Thank goodness for his getting boed!!!

    H=OH HOW ADORABLE! A Uly and friends calendar! SWEET!!!

    I think there are lots of organized Halloween parties for the kids now.

    Safe travels.

    172 days ago
    Thank you for your post. Have a wonderful day.
    173 days ago
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