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Saturday, October 27, 2018

and that's a wrap. another week gone by, goals pretty much met. weight pretty much ok. and blogging pretty much going on - not my perfect daily blogs, goals and weight from when i am spot on - but maintaining. even with work kicking up a notch, once again.

i've enjoyed the new spark start page, and today's lesson was finding your groove, which really is the basis not only of weight loss, and fitness, but maintenance too. so what makes my groove?

well, first it's the skeleton - the habits that have developed over the past 6 plus years of maintenance. start the day with that glass of water (and coffee, of course!), spinning the spark wheel (and the wellness questions, but now i can get through many of them without doing the research), planning the days meals (thank you, beck!), the rules that rewl (eat sitting down, slowly, mindfully, hunger is not an emergency), and fitness (yep, my daily fitbit goals). and lifestyle to go with the fitness (hello, claire, hello camera...)

then there are the tools -
for my mindset:
- spark website - spinning the wheel is the basic, but back to tracking meals. blogging. checking in. i'm finding the new set up to be better in some ways (i like the plan your day part, and the daily lesson), but more difficult to keep up with my spark world (what happened to my friend feed? and where are my teams, showing which ones are active?)

- for my meal planning
long ago i dabbled in vegetarian, and after reading the china study and eat to live, i switched to a whole foods plant-based lifestyle. at first i bought lots of cookbooks, but find that i love to follow bloggers who create great recipes - and at first i used pinterest, but over the years found an app that goes across my laptop, iPad, and iPhone called paprika recipe manager:


at this point i have over 1000 recipes on it. i use it for my grocery list (jot things down on the laptop and it is on the iPhone when i shop), planning (calendar), and in the kitchen.

the instant pot - dang, i love that thing. set it up, walk away. back to work - or relax with a glass of wine while it does its thing. it is not faster (stovetop pressure cooker is), but it fits my lifestyle. and just about everything i make in it is good for at least three meals (and i make everything from soups and stews and curries to vegan sausages and rice and quinoa), if not four (freezer surprise, DH is limited to 3 meals before he is tired of it:-)

- for fitness
well, the best thing for fitness is a border collie - claire makes sure we get out every day. the second best thing is the fitbit - and its goals. my daily goal has been 15,000 steps average for the week. most days i hit it - and then some. but like yesterday, DH (who now also has his own fitbit) says how many steps do you need, and out we went before dinner and added a couple more miles. and after dinner, i was still 700 steps short - and out we went. and hit it. i've also been participating in a couple of "work week hustles" on the fitbit, and those have given a little extra motivation ot "over perform" (evil grin....); i don't think we would have had the 25,000 and 32,000 step days this week without that.

spark lessons also remind me to mix it up - sometimes with running, and now i'm back to leslie sansone videos (i've also done jessica smith), which have a sneaky way of sneaking strength training into the mix.

- community
i keep coming back. right here. i've been far more active in the past and i know it is important. i'm trying...

- lifestyle
spark taught me that it isn't a diet, but a way of life - and that you need something besides calories and exercise - for me, the camera and the border collie have both been "excuses" to get out and enjoy my beautiful world.

like this - on our first hunter-free hike (and it turned into one, not just a walk, as we explored new trails, even though we were just a few miles from home), we discovered this lone flower growing in the middle of a logging road, it had not gotten the message that fall is here:

and there you have it. my groove...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love your methods for finding your groove. I just got an instant pot, when it works, it's great (NOT so great when it gives you the dreaded "BURN" warning before your guests arrive. But I'm sure I'll master it sooner or later). I'll check out a couple of the sites you indicated were helpful
    203 days ago
    Hunger is not an emergency - that's my favorite mantra these days
    204 days ago
    Love the Fall flower. Driving to eat Friday night we took a back road that paralleled the levee, Mississippi River, on the Mississippi side and the levee is maybe a mile or so from the River. We spotted some deer crossing through some trees and crossing the road close in front of us. They were walking not running and there were two bucks that had the largest racks I've seen! There were about eight doe with them. Pretty sight. Gun season starts in about a week and they will probably be moving faster.
    204 days ago
  • EISSA7
    Thanks for sharing what your groove looks like...and how you work hard to make it happen....my take away from your message is “set the goal and actually do it”... if you are short on steps, go back out and walk some more... AND...take the time to plan your day's meals instead of relying on random last minute decisions that rarely work. All things I “know” but am a work in progress at doing...THAT is why I love it when you blog!
    Thanks for providing my morning dose of motivation!
    206 days ago
    HI Sue! Just got around to checking in. Glad to see you are in your groove! And groovy it is!

    A friend and I went shopping today and explored kitchen gadgets. Insta Pot is tempting me. Thanks for the input!

    Keep Sparking!
    206 days ago
    We have to switch back and forth from new start page and old one to find friend feed, blog subscriptions, etc. Makes it too time consuming in my opinion. I like the new tasks and page, but I've mentioned it to Sparkguy at his blog about it. We need it all on one page! I love the friend feed I do it most of the time, every day ...need to keep up with my buddies!
    Keep it up! Stay focused! We can do it! 💗
    206 days ago
    I haven't made up my mind about the new Start page. I should probably spend some more time there and see if I like it. All I did was take a quick look and couldn't find something or other and went back to the old one.

    I love your groove. I've been too reset my goal on the FitBit and have been making 16K+ steps a day with a sit-down job. Not sure how well I'm going to do at that once the weather turns further towards winter.

    Thank you for the flower!
    207 days ago
    What a groove! You have given me a nudge to up my game, try new things and surprise myself! emoticon
    207 days ago
    Wow, reviewing everything that works for you is giving me a push. Well said and well done. Thanks for the encouraging message.
    207 days ago
    Excellent "tools summary" and --- making me think AGAIN about instant pot, fit bit . . . our dear Charlie USED to accompany us on many hikes but too elderly to do so any more!!
    207 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    emoticon emoticon
    207 days ago
    You're definitely getting in the groove! Keep up the great work.

    As far as the new Spark Page, I haven's seen it yet.
    207 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    I have not made up:my mind about the start page. It’s great thst we can switch back and forth.
    I am impressed still with your consistency with your steps. Wonderful!
    207 days ago
    Love your blogs. DD #1 has a recipe computer program I have been going to look into. She loves it. I will have to see how it compares to yours, or if it could be the same. My collection is on paper in notebooks and takes up a lot of space. Love hearing how you do it.
    207 days ago
    207 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    I loved reading about your groove! Way to go. I know that I get so much from Spark community and I really can't live without it. It truly is a lifestyle and we do the best we can each day.
    Shine on and enjoy your day!
    207 days ago
    LOVE my instapot too! Godsend.

    LOVE the flower. Gorgeous!

    And for sure, it's all about finding our groove! Doing it each and every day (seems mine changes a bit over time!)
    207 days ago
    I go back and forth between the Start pages. I do the tasks on the new one, then go back to Classic so I can see my familiar page through the day.
    207 days ago
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