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What's our Vector, Victor?

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Today's title courtesy not of the movie Airplane, as some of you may have surmised (oh, who am I kidding, only like two people read these things anyway. I should write more blogs with eye catching, edge of naughtiness titles, just to draw eyeballs into my weird wonderful world...oh who am I kidding, it's not so wonderful. And rather boring if truth be told), but rather in honor of the band Haken, who just released their 5th album, Vector, on Friday.

Here's their very interesting video for the song, "Puzzle Box". I really do wonder what a shrink might make of my reactions to the inkblots that flash across the screen during the video.

The impetus for this blog post was a question about blog posts in the chat thread of my BLC team, asking whether we'd ever scribbled such a thing. And my answer, in my head, anyway, was "yes, yes I have, and quite often at that", but what I put down in the thread was the current truth of the matter, that I was an intermittent blogger, and it's become more infrequent as of late.

I'd like that to change (I know, that's a lament I've lamented before). Because I have scribbled some weird wonderful stuff before, most notably in the stretch between October 2012 and March 2013. There was a three month stretch of scribbling something every day, and looking back, it ain't half bad. 5+ years on, and I really can't find it in me to blather on about my every day life, which is unremarkable to say the least. So blog posts become few and far between.

But now I'm thinking, 5 years onward, if I'm still visiting these parts (frankly, 7 years ago, I severely doubted I'd still be looking in on spark regularly 2590 days henceforth), I'll be wondering why I didn't attempt to capture what I'd been doing with myself, boring as I might be.

So here's a pledge to bore you (all one or two of you), with the boring details of my boring life. And maybe I'll try to punch things up a bit, so as not to bore myself.

But first, a bit of depressing news, from the world of food and beverages this week:
1) The guy who invented Bailey's Irish Cream died.

2) The woman who created the green bean casserole from Campbell Soup's kitchen passed away

Everybody please raise your forks, and a glass and let's have a moment of silence for these unsung giants of gastronomy.

Ok, now I'm at a loss as to what to say next. Kind of a problem, when you've just pledged yourself to say more stuff. I've leave it for now, and return in a day or two to continue rambling on into the void.

(just in case you're still reading, the airplane clip in question, as a reward:
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