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Happy Friday .. It's time for a turn ... and the world to start to slow down ..Sally wants off ..

Friday, October 26, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks .

I almost caught it yesterday .. but not quite .. only a couple of misdirects .. lol

I woke up yesterday and did my morning exercises like has become normal; and inventoried my day .. I thought to myself . .you know what ?? The only thing left was "work calling me" .. and continued on my way .. I thought if I just keep a cool head I would be able to pull it off .. and while I did .. It was tough by the end of the day .. :)

I started out with my PT (school) .. and that worked out nice, because I considered that my 2nd set of exercises for the day .. I graduated, and she was very pleasantly pleased with my results over the last 4 weeks .. (5 sessions) .. so she closed my files .. she ran a bunch of strength tests, and I passed them all with flying colors .. She explained that people can talk a good game, but she sees that I really have been working on this .. :) and was proud of my results .. YAY !!! Graduation ..

I had talked to the receptionist when I came in about my bakery dilemma; and asked if she knew of a bakery around the area and she suggested Sentry up the block .. OH YEA !!! Sentry has an awesome bakery department !!! and that's where I found mom's desserts .. :) They were single serving size ... but very rich .. most of the ladies took 1/2 home .. even mom could only eat half .. lol lol and she loves her chocolate !!! .. Along with sugar cookies decorated for halloween.

I still wish I would have just made up a flavored angel food cake; and had whipped cream to top it .. I could have eaten the angel food cake (love it); IF mom's blitz torte would have worked out (even though it hasn't for the last 5ish times .. lol) I would have enjoyed the angel food cake on my own.. lol lol but .. I didn't .. lol lol

I wish I could have postponed the physic broken wave, because when I got out of PT .. there was a text on my phone ... From Bearings !!!! Really .. NOW my psychic powers have rebooted .. ??? It was from Linda, and she was having a problem with a custom report .. I texted back, and told her I was busy and my first free day would be next Wednesday .. she could call Jesse .. and DARN .. she texted me back that next Wednesday would be fine .. lol lol but she suggested we could go to lunch as well, and I wrote back that I am sooo hungry for chinese; and that has to be our lunch ..the chinese buffet .. :) She agreed !!! So I pencilled her in for next Wednesday .. (Now WHO said that I would be watching the grass grow once I retired ?? )

I seem to be doing alot of wishing this morning .. lol lol lol ..

I left Sentry with my culinary delights, and headed to mom's area .. Well -- it was still early and I was stopping at Culvers for a burger for her and I .. so we would have something besides sweets of the card party in our belly .. lol .. or I knew that I would be over the moon with hyperness .. (because I had cereal for breakfast .. only thing fast enough to eat before PT) .. So -- I still had about 1/2 hour before Culvers opened, and remembered, I forgot my coffee filters at home .. DARN!!!! so stopped at a grocery and picked up some filters .. YAY !!!

Well- that took up a whole 10 minutes .. now what ?? So I decided to go to a stripmall and sit in the car for a bit .. and just surf on my phone, and take a deep breath .. Well -- it ended up that I saw a Walgreens and thought I could waste some time in there, just mosying .. so I got myself some "travel" stuff to take with me on my vacation that hubby is taking me on ..:) My birthday vacation !!! :) (I wish I could leave today !!! lol (more wishing lol lol ))

By the time I got out of Walgreens; it was 11:00 ..and Culvers was open .. and I went in and ordered my 2 burgers and mom and I could share an order of fries .. :) and mine came with a small soda; I got myself a lite lemonade .. :)

After making sure that mom's burger was made right; I headed for mom's .. I was already pooped by this time .. lol lol .. but I got to mom's and carried her stuff upstairs (surprisingly .. usually on days like this when I try and play my waitress mode; I end up dropping something .. lol) but I walked into mom's condo at about 11:30ish, and there she was sitting there in her PJ's !!!

This whole thing caught up with her and she hasn't been sleeping .. she gets herself into a tizzy because she wants everything to be perfect .. I told her if her friends see booboo's they know she's just like everyone else .. IMperfect !!! and this bunch of ladies will not judge one another .. they are just a sweet group !!!

I brought out the burger, and at least she got a burger in her belly..and some of my fries .. I told her that I needed it, because I would be bonkers and have a massive headache if I didn't eat something substantial and just snacked on sweets for the afternoon .. (okay .. I wanted to make sure she had something in her belly besides sugary sweets as well) ..

Now I had to toss out overwhelmed Sally and bring out cheerleader Sally .. and force myself not to wolf down my burger .. and make sure that mom ate her burger .. She was a bit better after she had a burger in her belly .. She helped me move out the table, and I told her to just sit while I put the room together .. She sat for a bit, and finished her coffee; and then got up and went to get herself put together .. and I was proud of how well she got put together, but her energies were just not in it .. I knew as soon as her friends showed up she would be better .. she just gets herself into such a tizzy; that she doesn't sleep well, and just gets herself all upset .. I had to remind her that these friends were so wonderful and wouldn't judge her on any mistakes ..

To top it off, one of her friends showed up about 1/2 hour early .. so I was thankful that she had gotten herself together, and just had to run a brush through her hair .. but it was actually for the better, because I saw mom transform into the hostess I know she can !!! :) and once she got caught up with all of her friends playing cards, and joking around; she started to relax again .. :)

I spent the afternoon playing puzzle in her playroom .. and I actually finished it .. :) I made a call to Toni .. a friend of hubby's from Monday Wii bowling .. she's been telling me about a chair yoga class that she goes to .. $5 a session .. and how it's helped her .. Well -- she talked to the instructor and the instructor said that I was welcome .. the classes were on Thursday; and well -- between now and Thanksgiving my Thursday's are pretty much taken up .. and since she did all that homework for me; I wanted to at least call her and thank her and just tell her that it wasn't the right time .. That was a 30 minute phone call .. lol ..

At the end of the party; mom escorted her friends out; and I started cleaning up .. She came in and plopped down on her chair, she was exhausted .. I told her to just worry about sipping the last of her coffee and I put the house back together, and cleaned up the dishes .. She kept saying she could do it .. but she literally looked pooped .. and there was no way I was going to let her .. this was the job that I was "hired for" .. lol lol .. I left some dishes out and told her she can put them away .. and she agreed .. lol lol ..

We sat and talked for a bit, and then I was off to my "next stop" .. She gave me the biggest hug; and she asked if she paid me for the hamburger .. I told her that I couldn't remember, and I just used a gift card .. but she could buy my lunch when we go to lunch with the ladies in November ..

I headed for puppy club to drop off my quilt and the basket for the raffle .. I'm happy to say they are now out of the house .. and what happens to them now, is someone elses responsibilty... :)

I got home around 8:30; and I was exhausted .. In the meantime I texted hubby about next Wednesday .. and thought I would only have to change the time that I meet up with Linda; because well -- I remembered something that was going on next Wednesday .. but thought I could still pull it off .. but nope .. Hubby made a change, to do a free money run; AFTER his Wii bowling at noonish .. because a couple of his friends were going with ..

Soooo -- this started ... When I get to this point .. everything I plan is screwed up, and well -- this started it .. I texted Linda and asked if we could change it to Thursday, and she was good with that ..

I slept like the proverbial dead .. which surprised me .. I didn't even wake up until after 7 this morning .. I told hubby that was going nowhere today .. I need to just have a day!!! get caught up on my laundry; and just have a day to be with no clock watching .. no running around nothing .. I just needed a day .. and well -- that's not being the day that I was looking for, because it started with "oh .. I'm going to have to change my lunch plans for today" .. and when I told him that mom's lunch date was November 8th .. he came back with " that's the day that we were going to spend the points at the Dells for "stuff" .. So -- 2 strikes and I'm out .. nope -- make it 3 strikes, as I forgot about next Wednesday with Linda .. *sigh* ..

I think hubby knows he overstepped his bounds earlier, because he brought up the subject of vacation plans .. he's going to start working on booking the hotels today .. and things kind of eased up a bit .. what he doesn't know is I'm more upset with myself than anyone else .. I try and keep my activities on my calendar; and well -- sometimes I start to become too confident, and "will put it in later" .. lol .. but you all know how it goes .. later never comes, and well -- the only one I can blame is myself, and heck ..I really beat myself up when this type of stuff goes on .. and well -- my nerves are pretty much whacked out ... and today I'm going to work on bringing them back to where they should be .. :)

Hubby is off on his errands and I'm going to take an aspirin to get rid of this splitting headache .. and take today to take a deep breath .. because next week it starts over again .. lol ..Who ever said that I would be sitting and watching the grass grow, definately does NOT know me !!! :)

After I stopped crying this morning; I got up, brushed off my problems, did my exercises; took my shower, and have been working on this for the last 2 hours .. in between talking with hubby and just watching TV ..

I have my first load of clothes in the washer, and have been just sitting here enjoying my coffee this morning .. :) With everything going on, I'm almost afraid to play with my quilt today .. but I probably will end up there .. :)

I laughed yesterday .. my PT teacher .. Jennifer, said that "there will be times when you can't do 2x a day .. and you can get to a point of doing 1 x a week .." .. I told her absolutely not .. My goal is to continue at LEAST 1x a day .. because if I start pushing it off .. it will end up to become extinct .. and I can't have that, because then I'll be back where I started .. :)

I am happy to say .. that not only am I feeling the results in things that I can do .. but I'm also starting to see results .. My "bowl full of jelly" is starting to have a bit of definition on the sides .. and I'm excited to see that .. so that in itself is inspiration to continue .. :) so no .. 1x a day will be my ultimate goal .. there can't be less than that .. I CAN put aside 15-20 minutes to do at least one set of my exercises .. :)

So -- today I am just lazing around the house .. :) and now that I've beaten myself up.. I'm going to enjoy myself .. Wish me luck on playing with my quilt .. :) lol lol ..

I've blabbled long enough .. and I think I'm almost ready to start my day .. (at 11:00) .. lol lol lol ..

Wishing everyone a great day !!! :)
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    I got dizzy reading this
    we left for ohio 9;15 this morning traffic was horrid the instate we take had 3 terrible accidents that had traffic backed up 11 miles
    Tomorrow nothing but church
    It was hard to leave nathan and hubby and I and nthan had one ;last bear hug
    I was surprised how well I did out of my comfort zone,issues with dizzy spells low blood pressure
    Being alone with nathan for 6 days a first he is 11 and my daughter and i have issues.she works 10-12 hours a day single mother 12 acres grass woods a giant pig,2 dogs 4 cats and wow they all get fed 2 times a day.
    I am exhausted,tired,and mentally spaced out
    175 days ago
    176 days ago
    So happy at the results of your PT. I wish I were as dedicated as you to the exercises. They really help.
    It sounds like you and your mom have a lot in common, getting worked up about stuff. Yoga might be a good idea, or meditation.
    We retirees ALL wonder where we found the time to work. Our days are full.
    176 days ago
    Sally: Good job on the PT graduation!

    Glad you got the dessert dilemma solved!

    Glad you got the work situation worked out, too. AND get to have a Chinese buffet to boot.

    Good move leaving jus some of the dishes out for your Mom to put away so she feels useful!

    I am a goner if I don’t put things on the calendar. Just doesn’t work!

    Sorry you have a headache. Hope the aspirin helped.

    Glad to hear that your PT is working so well for you! Wahoo! Yes, keep it up. I’m the same way. If I stop, that’s the end of it. That’s no good.

    Good luck w/your quilt.

    176 days ago
    Nice picture
    176 days ago
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