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Happy Wednesday !! :) Road trip day; and I'm sooo looking forward to it !! Have a good one!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Stop the world .. I want to step off for a bit .. lol lol lol and it just continues .. the good news is it's continuing in the FUN direction ..

I discovered on my overnighter .. that I CAN do my exercises (school homework) in hotels .. thankfully because it appears as if I'm in one quite a bit over the next few weeks .. :) lol lol ... We've been enjoying overnighters in the downtown casino .. Only because they have been free .. we've been enjoying the luxury of the higher betting cards (we're at the bottom of the haystack when it comes to "perks", but we don't feel like taking a 2nd mortgage on the house in order to hold the higher color cards .. and that is only as long as you can hold it .. so Im very happy being at the bottom of the haystack .. but every once in a while they throw out a bone to those of us that don't spend much .. lol) and we've been enjoying those perks .. Their rooms are very nice .. and we have one more chance next week Monday night again .. :) and it works nice because hubby goes down usually on Tuesday morning's for the ol'fart free money .. :)

Yesterday hubby called and got our flights for Vegas for next month .. so that will be another 2 weeks of going .. and going .. :) but I'm looking forward to it !!! :) I will be taking my cane (Rose) with me this time .. for those times when I'm pretty well pooped, but I'm ready for a real vacation !!!!

So things are busy .. very busy around here ..

Yesterday when we got home, I lazed around for a while, after lunch; and then finished wrapping up the basket for the raffle at puppy club. Now I have to find out when I can get it to the raffle people, because well -- I'm going to be gone until after the raffle is done .. so I'm working with the other people to get that taken care of .. *sigh* .. Now I have to make a tag with what is in the basket, because you can't really see through the wrapping ..

Now I just have to figure out how to deliver it .. lol

Today I'm excited .. I'm taking a road trip on my own up north; and looking forward to just taking a ride .. I'm taking a different route, because I want to proof my ride for Sunday when we go with mom; so I don't have to do alot of backtracking .. which is even more fun !!! :) So today I'm taking Beauty (trailblazer); so she can stretch her legs and air her out .. :)

I get my next present; and well -- I'm looking forward to the ride .. :) I'm taking just a bit of $$ to play, and if it's not working I can turn around and come home .. :) I choose to take my time to leave; and that's what I'm doing .. I am leaving once the sun comes up; and that way I can have myself a healthy breakfast, and chat with my friends a bit .. lol :)

Tomorrow I will be graduating from my school .. We talked and she gave me the seeds for me to work with (as long as I hold myself back and don't get over zealous) and as long as I continue on, (which I have full intention of ... I know some times will be tough, but I will be truly trying; since the alternative is going backward ... so while I enjoy being able to move without pain (or much pain); I am happy to say that we agreed that I can graduate tomorrow !!! :)

I talked to mom, and since I'll be helping her with her card party tomorrow; I told her about my graduation; and told her I want to celebrate with her .. I would be happy to pick up some Culvers burgers and that way we can have lunch before the ladies get there .. She said "well -- they get here at 1:00" .. I told her that Culvers opens at 11, and I get off my PT at 10ish .. so there would be more than enough time .. :)

I'm also being a sneaky daughter .. I went over on Sunday afternoon, and she got up to give me a hug, and while we were giving our "hi" hug; I had to catch her, she almost fell over .. I asked if she's been dizzy lately again; and she said yes .. only when she gets up fast .. Now my mom is 92 years young and does NOT get up fast .. only to find that she didn't have anything to eat since breakfast .. (she does eat a hearty breakfast for her) .. She eats like me .. tries not to eat by the clock, but her belly, but she always has a good breakfast ..

She didn't have any lunch before I got there; we played puzzle for a bit, and she said she was hungry (that's when I found out that she didn't eat lunch); and she made herself a bowl of chili; and then she was absolutely fine .. Soooo with her friends coming over tomorrow afternoon, I knew she wasn't going to eat any lunch; and just snack on the munchies .. candy and chips .. This way I KNOW she will have some decent food in her belly .. :) and we can celebrate my graduation .. :) lol lol lol ..

Okay -- gotta get myself some breakfast, and get myself going.. :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day !!!! :) I'm going to !!!! :)
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