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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Anyone who has ever fished knows you have to do more than call: "HERE FISHY!"
Nope. You have to have three things: your pole of course, (duh) a hook and some bait!
With some experience, (of which I have none-lol) even I know you want to 'catch the fishes eye'. Either a shiny lure or something tasty like a juicy worm! (yuk!)

Did you know there's a correlation between fishing and shopping!

Marketing and advertising is BIG Business and we the consumers are their catch!
First, they call us consumers, because we CONSUME! ..Sometimes too much.
Did you know they STUDY US, watch what we buy and bait us to buy?

Hence, after examining our grocery bill (which I keep record of) .. I had to wonder why the bill was so high for just the two of us? .. I knew prices had gone up, but what could we do?

So I began to examine. I scourged the pantry, the refrigerator and vowed to use everything and waste nothing! And unless I wanted to keep spending more, then we needed to outsmart them! ..

Here is my exhibit. Can you take a guess which Dawn is the best buy?
Go ahead and give it a whirl.
For one thing, we have been led to believe (by marketing strategists) that bigger spells: ECONOMY or family size which equals a better buy.

Now, if you guessed A for that reason, think again.
A: 16 cents per ounce.
B: 10 cents per ounce.
C: 13 cents per ounce.
D: 23 cents per ounce.

If you, like me are tired of being a sucker, take a moment to calculate items. It can save a bundle.
Now let's take a look at some other lures used to catch our eye.

The bait is THE BRIGHT RED & yellow colors using an action word: POP
Marketing people know what kind of lures to use to catch our eye.
(Do you think they would get sales if they used a title like 'MEH' on bland boxes?

If we eat these, will get smart ..or smarter? emoticon

Check this title:

Just who are they kidding! A fruity false flavor with NO F-R-U-I-T at all.
Everything is artificial but has eye appeal to your toddler if you should take them along!

I could go on and on but here's the catch! I shop the perimeters & avoid these aisles!
Not because I will be tempted. Plain & simple: I have not been interested in years!

Things that come in a box, packaged in bright cardboard have as much lackluster as the packaging! If you read the contents, they are usually filled with sugars and other horrible things. They ought to come with a big WARNING! …. emoticon

SO to wrap this up, this is where make a bee-line.
And the fellas that work produce even seem to know me now! lol.

I don't have to check labels when I am buying fresh!! ..
I also never leave home without my list! Stick to it and avoid 'wandering' thru the store!

Don't be a sucker or an easy catch when you shop! Just know, behind the scenes, careful and costly studies have gone into the displays and the merchandise!

Whatever they dangle: don't get caught by the shiny bait. emoticon Be smart and swim away! ..
…::Thanks for reading and I will see you upstream in the Spark current! .. emoticon

P.S. A Good friend posted that she has a friend in advertising and says her favorite part of the job is "getting people to buy things they don't even need!"
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