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I am loved by a God who is in Control

Thursday, October 18, 2018

How important is a dice throw in the game of Yahtzee?

Yet, Proverbs 16: 33. (Man) will cast the lot into the lap, But its every decision is from the Lord

Every detail of my life? God loves me and wants to protect and provide for me. Recently kept me from pulling into an intersection where a pick up was about to ignore his Stop Sign.

In middle school we listened to BBC news on the radio. Teachers used this to help us learn the very important skill of taking notes. The news broadcast started with the bonging of the clock in Big Ben, London.
That tradition has now changed to several small electronic beeps.
I yearned to hear 'Big Ben' boom out the time again. One night driving home from work. It sounded as the announcer stated Big Ben was being taken down for repairing which would take four years.
I only get BBC during my drive home about once a month. How did I happen to hear it that night? Because God is delighted by my smiles and joy.
and the sound, should you want to hear it
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