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Who beat me up in my sleep?

Thursday, October 18, 2018

I think I way overdid it yesterday. I cleaned all of my floors, both bathrooms, did three loads of laundry, up and down the basement stairs, cooked dinner, dishes, bed stripping and re-making.
When Kathy got here after work and we finished dinner, we held the new draperies up on my old rod. It looks dated, so I showed her a couple rods I found while researching online. We both agreed on one that I will buy. I will call her when I get it and we will arrange for a day when she can bring Joe here to install the three or four brackets for the rod, and the big wood shelf for my living room. HE does not know it yet, but she said will just drop that little bomb at the last minute so he does not have a lot of time to think about it. LOL!
If she wants him to do it, he will do ANYTHING she asks him to do. They are so much in love, even after almost thirty years of marriage. I would have loved that kind of marriage. It is ajoy to see them interact so lovingly.
I have to say that he also knows that she really is the "queen" of their castle and anywhere else they go. He will do it because of her. She LOVES to decorate, so it is decided!! Great for me, not so hot for him. Oh well, that is the price he pays for love!

I am in the middle of a major allergy day, along with a big fibro flair. I used an entire box of tissues within two hours this morning, and my entire body feels like somebody beat me with a bat. That is the only way I can describe it. Total pain. I used some Alaway eye drops, and took some anti-drowsy allergy medicine, so I should be asleep in a little while. It will at least release me from the body pain for awhile.
I have nothing else planned for the day, so it is fine with me.

The great part of it is: My house is clean. There is always a bright side!
When things get bad for me, I always remember that there are millions of people that are so much worse off than me, so that helps a lot.
God shows His hand in things, so I am grateful for everything I have received.
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