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Beck Diet Solution, Day 17

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

End Overeating

There are a couple of times that we overeat, by eating larger portions than what you planned on eating and when you feel full halfway through the meal but you continue eating anyway.

I am so guilty of the second one. I often continue eating when I feel full. I always feel that I have to clean my plate or I go back for seconds because it tasted so good.

Today's exercise is to purposely put extra food on your plate, add extra of your allowed food and then add a not-on-plan food. Once you sit down to eat, push aside the extra portion and not-on-plan food.

Now, go ahead and eat what you have planned to eat. Are you tempted to eat the extra food you put on you plate? If so, use the anti-craving techniques you learned back on day 13. Also think about how you will feel when you resist eating that extra food.

It is suggested to think back to previous times when you overate and remember how you felt about the overeating. I know if I think about the times I overate and remember how miserable I felt afterward. I always had the thought, "I shouldn't have done that", then comes the guilt and self-defeating attitude.

But, on the other hand, think of times when you resisted the temptation to overeat. How did that make you feel? Now, ask yourself, If you resist eating that extra food on your plate, how will you feel in 10 minutes? Happy or regretful?

However, if you give in and eat that extra food, don't beat yourself up over doing so. Instead, at least give yourself credit for trying this exercise. Evaluate what you were thinking and plan on a strategy to help you overcome the temptation next time. Repeat this exercise until you become comfortable with leaving food on your plate.

At the end of this lesson, there is the "Sabotaging Thought: I hate to deliberately waste food.
Helpful Response: Which is better: deliberately wasting food or overeating and gaining weight? ... The truth is the extra food will go to waste in my body or go to waste in the garbage. Either way, it'll go to waste. ..."

Seriously, if I think about it, I can think of many times I have "wasted" food by buying too much and having it spoil, having too many leftovers that go bad, etc. So saying that I hate to deliberately waste food to justify eating more than I need at the time is really a poor excuse for doing so.
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