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PT progress...?

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I want what I want, and I want it right now! That’s what my foolish brain says about PT. I know intellectually that it’s a process, and that it probably will take a while to restore range of motion in the shoulder joint, due to the extent of the impingement that the physical therapist first measured. But... on some level I just want her to wave her magic wand, and give me two fully functional arms!! lol. Of course, I know it’s NOT going to happen. I do my exercises twice a day (a couple I am only supposed to do once a day... and you know what...? For once I am following directions and not pushing harder than I am directed! Who knew I could actually follow directions? Haha)... and I am seeing small improvements... The PT is really emphasizing sitting with proper posture at all times. I am so bad at that! I may have to retire my recliner and get a wing chair in order to promote better posture while I read or text on my phone when I am home. (The Cooper-dog loves my recliner though... hmmm). I am spending the next two days at my dad’s house. I have multiple out of town doctors appointments, and my niece drives me to those. Since she lives at my dad’s, and dad watches the Cooper-dog for me, it makes more sense for us to stay there, than be constantly running back and forth. Besides, my dad has a couple projects he wants me to help with around the house. I think this afternoon we are triaging his VHS/DVD collection and winnowing it down to a manageable size, and making a decision about his TV, which is huge, and bulky... a veritable antique (definitely not a flat screen!!). Though I will not be helping to carry said TV... my PT would wildly disapprove if I tried! So, happy Wednesday! I hope you have a great day. Remember that sometimes taking it slowly is the road to greater success!!
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