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Happy Sunday !!!! Still sitting in my happy place..not ready to leave yet .. :)

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Yesterday we headed out early for Green Bay ... Hubby at least has been good about not rushing me through my exercises ...but we hit the road by about ... ummm .. well .. whenever sun up was .. lol lol .. I enjoyed the ride; but it's been awhile since "I" have driven ... I'm looking forward to today ... driving myself over to mom's and this week I have a few engagements where "I" can drive myself .. WOOHOO !!!!! but I have enjoyed myself .. :) and have been enjoying spending time with hubby . :)

We went up to Green Bay casino, and spend a bit of time there .. they have 2 separate buildings, one is the hotel/casino, and the other one is the bingo hall/casino .. so after we finished our free money, I told hubby that I was going to take a walk over to the other building .. It was right before the blackjack tables opened, so he stayed in the big building .. :)

Oh my goodness .. it was such a beautiful crisp autumn day .. I just had my top on with a fleece vest, and I was comfortable .. :) The other building is a small pond, and parking lot away .. and I just was happy being in the moment .. :)

As I was walking I looked down, and saw something .. I picked it up, and it was a pretty egg with blue roses .. :)

I picked it up and put it on the fence post .. (pretty much anything with roses; I love .. that was daddy's favorite flower too.. ) .. It was still there when I walked back .. I took the long way outside around the building, and was just enjoying the sunshine, the crunch of leaves under my feet, and the fresh air .. :) I didn't really care if I was in the casino or not .. lol ..

I went in and got hubby's car keys and took it out to the car .. I did notice the sharpie markings on the back, and that's a shame, but I looked up how to clean that off, and we'll give it a try otherwise it will go to Goodwill in my next donation .. :) They said acetone could take it off .. and I have that .. :) I'll give it a try ..

While I was over at the small building (bingo hall) .. I got a text from hubby .. While I was doing my exercises in the morning, he ran to Fleet Farm .. they were giving wooden puzzles out, and he wanted to get one for Everly (the little sweetie at Monday bowling .. she almost 3) .. and hubby sent me a text from the newly installed "ULY CAM" .. Oh dear .. lol lol

They found the puzzle, and was checking it out .. lol ... Rohoh !!!

Hmmmm what is this that daddy brought home ?? is this for us ???

Ohoh .. TD and Lolli are still playing with the box but Uly is missing .. now where did Uly go ?? This could be trouble .. ULYYYYYY where ARRRRREEEE YOUUUUUUU????!!!!!!

Found him !!!!

Don't know if this Uly Cam is going to be a good thing .. I texted back to hubby saying that he better not get ice cream on my furniture .. lol lol ..

But people were looking at me funny as I sat there laughing at my phone .. yes .. LAUGHING .. lol lol .. not just giggling .. lol lol ..

Thankfully by the time we got home there was no ice cream stains on the furniture or that little mischievous unicorn either ..

We left for our drive home; around noonish .. neither of us were really hungry .. we had goldfish crackers to munch on .. and that sufficed .. We decided to stop at home base Burger King for a burger and fries (he has coupons) .. and it was pretty much an uneventful ride ..

We got to the Burger King and I decided to wait in the car .. and wait ... and wait ... and wait .. and well -- WAIT ... it was a good 45 minutes to get 2 burgers and 2 fries .. I guess according to hubby, they were extremely understaffed .. and it was almost to the point of funny .. I told hubby that I had times like that when I was managing the restaurant ... and remember after the rush died down; going in back by the dock and just sitting down and crying ... lol lol .. When there's a rush, and if you have a fine tooth assembly line; and one of the cogs slips out of whack .. everything falls apart .. and/or being understaffed .. I could only feel for the people, but I wasn't inside seeing what was going on .. He said the line to ORDER was winded back into the dining room .. So -- that was a bit different for a FAST FOOD restaurant .. lol lol ..

We headed home, and I told him that I wanted to stop at Meijers and pick up some stuff .. he asked if we could stop home first to get some coupons, and fliers .. I was going to pick up some veggies; but he said that Piggly Wiggly had veggies on sale . I told him I would pick those up this morning .. So we went to Meijers, and I picked up what I wanted; and fillers for my baked potato that we picked up at Kwik Trip yesterday as well .. by the time I'm finished with my baked potato it's a full salad .. I enjoy vegetable toppings, and it's a full meal .. YUMMM !!!!

After we finished at Meijer, we went to Pick N Save .. they had ice cream, and some other things that hubby could use double dollar for .. and were done .. so more walking .. :)

We made one more stop so hubby could use one of his free cheese curd coupons for Culvers .. for an "appetiser" .. I waited in the car .. I was pretty much pooped out ... When he got into the car, I told him I really wasn't hungry for dinner .. (we were going to make the potatoes for dinner .. and well --that would have been extreme overeating on my behalf .. and I didn't feel like skimping just because .. )

There was way too much food orientation throughout the day .. and well --I told him that I was pretty much done .. I would prefer a "munchie" evening .. besides I've learned .. my exercises (homework) are more difficult, and they actually upset my belly if I do them on a full belly, and well -- I didn't want to skip my exercises.. so we ended up with just a munchie dinner .. I ended up with my bowl of ice cream (weekend .. :) )

Hubby was good with that .. I think he's learning that I'm pretty much the most comfortable with 1 main meal a day .. and small snacking throughout the day .. One can only hope .. :) He's so concerned about MY eating, and I try to tell him, "I" will tell him if I'm hungry .. however at least he's getting used to the idea that he makes suggestions for only 1 meal .. instead of suggestions for lunch AND dinner.. lol ..

We discussed that the weather is coming where I'll be able to do more home cooking (YAY !!!) and do more around the house ..:) (he huddles down for the colder weather)

By the time we got home, I was pretty much pooped .. It was a busy day, and I was starting to hurt .. (means I will definitely have to take Aleve with me on my vacation when we go) I STILL did my exercises though .. I do them slowly and precisely .. the hurt isn't like it used to be where it was a sharp hurt .. it's more of a dull ouch .. some ice and/or heating pad suffices most times; and Jennifer told me that when we're in a hotel, they have the ice machines .. make an ice pack to just sit with and reboot .. Keeping my fingers crossed .. this is one of my goals, to get this so I don't end up an anchor when we go on vacation (hubby's looking at mid Novemberish) ..

I looked at my stepometer, and almost fell over ..

I BROKE the 10000 mark !!!! WOOHOO MEEE !!!! I CAN STILL DO IT!!!!! My goal is to get back to not being pooped in the process ... lol lol lol .. I'm considering that a mega success !!!!!

Okay -- it was a fun fun fun FUN day !!! Still sitting in my happy place .. :)

Today I'll be going over by mom's .. Hubby is going to go through withdrawals; because ummm .. I'm taking his phone as well; to do an update .. We don't have WIFI at home here, and both of our phones need system updates .. so I hijack mom's .. .. set them up to do their things, and once it's downloaded; the install can be done anytime .. :) I already got a text saying that "UlyCam was going to be down for general maintenance today" .. lol lol ..

So that's my story for today .. I'm looking forward to going over by mom's .. I haven't seen her since the Thursday we went up to the Dells .. :) I'm looking forward to a fun afternoon .. :)

Have a wonderful day .. I'm soooooo going to !!!! :)

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    192 days ago
    wow today blood pressure so had to stay in bed until 2pm
    Last night the class gathering of 1962 went better then I thought, 30 people showed up and everyone was so welcome to me not a graduate of his school
    It was at the number 1 pizza joint in ohio
    I had a salad pimentos never had but good 3 slices or squares of pizza
    still no weight loss and it seems so disappointing
    nov I am joining a gym 20 senior classes 40,00 but its 25 miles so I can do it maybe twice a week. maybe that extra push might help me
    192 days ago
    Got me laughing, I’ll take a cup of hot tea please.
    192 days ago
    That egg is gorgeous! Hope you can get the sharpie off!

    Awwww, it looks like the gang is at least getting along! That’s a good thing!!

    That little minx Uly! HE wanted a Klondike bar!!!! Geez! LOL good thing no ice cream stains on the furniture. Uly would have had to lick them off! Oh the horror, right! LOLOL

    Awesome on breaking 10K steps! Keep up the good work!

    Have a great time w/your Mom1

    192 days ago
    192 days ago
    What a fun day! And awesome job hitting those steps!
    192 days ago
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