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Lovely Saturday!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

This was a busy morning, for sure! The garden is now ready to till - All of the big weeds are pulled, and I'll harvest the finished batch of compost and let the chickens spread it! They are really great garden helpers, and if you look closely, you'll see them scratching around and helping me weed. We managed to pull two trash barrels full of weeds, and I hauled one ginormous weed plant to the curb!

After working in the garden, I cleaned out the chicken coop. I try to tidy it a few times during the week, but either Saturday or Sunday, it gets a good cleaning. The girls have now decided it's time to go lay eggs. Fricassee and Bridget are fighting over a nest - There are two, clean nest boxes in the coop, both with fresh hay, but all four will favor using only one - Silly birds! Marsala is dirt-bathing, and Gertrude (pictured below) is angrily bawking because she wants the nest, too!

So, Ujaesti and I will just sit on the patio for a while!

We've got to wait another 13 days before my SNAP (Food Assistance) comes in. I've got a little money put back for a few things we might (or might not!) need, so we're relying on the pantry. Tonight's supper: Fried pork loin chops, butter beans, collard greens, and fresh-baked corn bread! And let's not forget, a little of that Dixie relish on the beans and greens! No one can say we don't eat well, that's for sure!

I'm getting low on chili and pasta meat sauce, so I'll be making and canning that when I do my big shopping. I'm also going to have to budget for some cheese making supplies - It's getting about that time to start! It'll be so nice to have some home made cheddar, butterkase and fontina again!

Well, now, I've got the dishes to do and the kitchen to straighten up. I'd best be getting at it!

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