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No big deal, right?

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Wow... I'm so late today with my Blog.
It's because our router died yesterday afternoon and we needed it replaced. emoticon

(similar but not the same one)

Imagine our 'dilemma' when they said help would be here today between 8am and noon.
I know this is normal timespan, and we're lucky it was to be the next day.... but...
As they say, "you don't know what you got until it's gone." emoticon

Okay... so this means no email, facebook, videos or TV. No big deal, right?
Well I'd be the first to say we can read or play board games... like we did
in the good old days. So that's what we did. emoticon

Scrabble... fun as long as you have a 'games dictionary' to verify regality of
those strange, and unheard of words that manage to challenge sanity.

Same with a few other games that quickly heat up without the buffer of other people there playing with you, I'm sure you who also have been married for ages understand this. emoticon

So first, we went for a long walk, then out for a long dinner.... killing time and
just enjoying each other's company. emoticon

Then, once back home, Bob dug out several old movies , on disc, that we
spent the rest of the evening watching and having some good laughs.

So this morning, while awaiting the much anticipated service guy, I found
Mindsweep on my desktop... that was fun, trying to memorize where
40 mines are hidden and NOT stepping on any while opening the boxes. emoticon

At long-last a very nice guy showed up and fixed the problem in less than 20 minutes,
with a new router.

So, 'all's well that ends well'...we did have a great night 'anyway' emoticon
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