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Beck Diet Solution, Day 12

Friday, October 12, 2018

Practice Hunger Tolerance

This day's exercise is to pick a day that you choose to be hungry, to skip lunch, then record your discomfort scale. The idea is to learn to tolerate hunger and to remind yourself that being hungry is not an emergency.

This is a good exercise, especially after yesterday's learning to tell the difference between hunger, desire and cravings. I often eat just for the sake of eating or because I think I may get hungry later.

Occupying myself with something to do is a great distraction. I think one suggestion from Beck that has been most helpful to me with this exercise is "hunger is not an emergency". So many times, at that first twinge of hunger, I want to grab something to eat just to avoid the I am hungry sensation.

On the other hand, sometimes I'll eat because I don't want to get too hungry and then just shove the first thing I see into my mouth. But, then, I guess I'll have to practice the eat slowly and mindfully exercise. :-)

Besides, after yesterday's exercise, if I am honest with myself a lot of my so-called hunger is really just a desire to eat. I just want to eat. So, today, I'll tell myself that it is okay to be hungry and that it is not an emergency if I do get hungry. I will survive. Besides, then when I do sit down to that bowl of spinach it is going to be the best tasting green I have ever eaten.

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