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Happy Wednesday .... Great day yesterday. Exercises seem to be working .. :) YAY ME!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

A great day was had by me .. :) While hubby was out with mom, I ran to get my nails cleaned up, and I think I agree with myself that this is my new 1st stop place .. 2 times I've been there, and 2 times I've had wonderful service .. Yesterday she cleaned up my cuticles, and gave me a hand / arm massage while my other hand was drying .. and it felt wonderful since Artie has been acting up in my left arm/hand ... it felt wonderful !!!! and it wasn't any more charge than normal .. ???

Both times when they have used the drummel, it's been sooo gentle; where my normal place it's done fast and hard .. and many times nicks and it gets warm fast .. both people I've had here have been so gentle when they clean up the nails to get them set for new acrylic .. and I've never had any problems with nicking or burning ... lol it's a true salon experience, and I didn't feel rushed through from walking in .. :) Yup -- I think they are going to be my #1 place .. :)

Unfortunately .. hubby didn't have the same relaxing morning ... Mom was well .. she was having one of her "off" days .. and poor guy ... she was a challenge .. lol .. I did feel bad for him ..

We chatted as we drove to the downtown casino; to get our "olfarts" free money .. and well -- I think he wanted to stay and play a bit, but it was a challenge getting my 10 points needed; and well .. I didn't really want to stay and just spend more money .. I'm on a bad slide, and I don't need to put myself into a wishful situation only to get my balloon popped .. so I only do the necessities, and stop there .. We didn't take separate cars, so he had to leave if I wanted to .. I told him I would have been happy to just wait .. You can tell if things are going to be good or bad, by the lines at the ticket cashing machines .. and the ticket cashing machines were like ghost towns yesterday .. so the machines were tight .. no need to "wish" .. lol ..

By the time we left however, it was 4:00 .. heart of rush hour .. *eek* .. but hubby did well .. and well .. we made it home .. :)

We pulled in the driveway and I looked and saw Jack O V******* kinda "melted" .. and I'm sorry to say that dear Jack O V******* didn't make it to halloween ..

I went out, and he was kinda dripping liquid from his mouth, and flies were everywhere .. I was going to open up his top and see what was going on, but decided against it; with the aroma that was coming from him. ... I came in and told hubby that he better take the tarp when he tries to move him to the back 40 .. because I'm afraid if he tries to lift him, all he's going to do is squish .. ewwwwwwwwwwww

Hubby said that there are some frost nights coming up, and he'll take him back when it's pretty much cold .. I think the warm weather that we have had; really beat him up .. :( Soooo Mr Jack O V********* is not going to make it to halloween .. We will take him out back in a few days ..

Happily .. we did harvest his babies (yes .. boy pumpkins carry babies as well as girl pumpkins .. lol) ... and hope to plant them next year .. they are drying well, and we have not had any problems with them ..

I DID have to giggle to myself yesterday .. as I was playing at the machines yesterday .. I kept hearing both my School teacher, Jennifer, and my friend, Barb telling me "stop that slouching" .. lol lol lol .... Those little voices were in my head, and kept haunting me ... lol ... I think the people around me thought I was goofy sitting there, straightening up, and giggling to myself .. :)

I'm happy to say that this morning is starting my 3rd day of my exercises .. and they are getting easier... I still have to concentrate on the "steps", but am finding them much easier .. I have to do 2 sessions a day .. but I'm kinda thinking of doing the harder ones "before" dinner .. I did them before bed like I did the night before, and my belly started getting fussy on me .. We ate a heavier dinner, and I'm thinking that had something to do with it, because my exercising this morning, my belly was fine ... 2 sessions .. I guess that doesn't mean "when I first wake up and when I am ready for bed" .. just make sure I do 2 sessions ... Definately when I first wake up .. because otherwise it will get pushed to the back burner; but the second one can be done late afternoon, or before bed .. (I'm one of those lucky ones, that can do extreme exercise or light exercise right before bed, and sleep like a baby) ..

My back does fuss, but this is a different fuss .. as well, as I'm feeling the "exercise" ouch in front by my belly .. so I'm happy with my results .. I have to admit that my first session by myself was very very discouraging; and made me dizzy; but I'm proud of how I've been feeling better and better .. :) and now that I have hubby not fussing over me like he was, I feel even so much more better !!!! :)

Tomorrow morning is my next class, and I'm not sure what it's going to be like .. maybe I'll get more exercises, and maybe I'll just talk to her about how I'm doing and if I have any questions .. ?? I'm excited to know what my class will be about .. that's at 9:30, so my blog may be later, or shorter ... (depending on what hubby wants to do .. may be from my phone .. :) )

Uly must have gotten bored playing with their pumpkin by the scarecrow, and saw the halloween lantern hubby had hung up... must have crawled up the steps and down the string to land on the lantern .. lol lol .. what a mischievous little unicorn he is .. lol lol ..

So -- as for today .. Hubbys off on his free money run, and should be on his way home .. I hope he's picking up the stamps mom wants, and then I'll run her stamps and the bobbins, (which came to the top of the list) over to her .. She is insisting that her new sewing machine needs special bobbins .. I'm saying no .. I have never worked on a machine, that uses different bobbins .. and her machine is just a simple one; nothing extremely fancy .. so before she stops and gets more bobbins, I told her I would bring some over, and well -- she was cleaning out her back room, and never said she was that despirate for them, but all of a sudden (as of hubby's Tuesday errands with her) they moved up to the top of the list .. lol .. Like I said .. poor hubby caught her on an off day ..

Okay .. gotta get myself going here .. so talk later !!!!!

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  • LIZZIE138
    Poor Jack! He is a mess. emoticon
    I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one to hear voices in my head. And I frequently with giggle along with those voices. Must be crazy too! emoticon
    165 days ago
    wild goose chase this morning
    Heard from the bank our new truck did not have enough coverage.I had talked to ins company they assured they would take our old truck off and new truck updated with more ins. Well they didnt so trying not to get a special bill for ins I went to ins office got the updated copy which they were to send then bank to drop off so all my bases covered
    Mamo gram was tuff I never felt so sore she squeezed them flat and I have a big bust.
    two days at home but rain,cold
    165 days ago
    PT loves questions! It lets them know you are working towards getting better!
    165 days ago

    Oh looks like Jack is gonna go splat! At least you rescued the seeds!

    LOL! Voices, I hear voices in my head! OH NO! Keep up the work. It will get easier!

    That Uly!!! What is he doing???????

    Hope your Mom is doing better today.

    165 days ago
    165 days ago
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