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Happy Tuesday !!!! Another hurdle jumped ..running to the next hurdle !!!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Went to my first day of "school" (physical therapy .. school is so much less of an intimidating word) .. and she told me the exercises I've been doing are to be stopped ..Okayyyy ?? But she was really nice ... we talked for a bit, and then she worked on me ..and showed me some exercises .. I was happy with her, because she was explaining what the exercises were doing rather than just showing me them, and telling me to do them .. She checked my total alignment, and couldn't find anything wrong there .. so that's a good thing .. kind of .. lol At the end when she was putting together my homework, I was sitting on the edge of the bench, and she scolded me .. actually walked around the back side, and pulled my shoulders up, saying that sitting slumped is not an option .. lol lol .. She was good, and I felt comfortable with her .. I was right with my assumption .. that alot of my back problem is coming from no core strength and my belly ...

She gave me homework ... 4 exercises .. 3 that we went over, and then a 4th that she gave me the cliffnotes version .. lol .. My next appointment is Thursday .. and I'm proud of myself already .. I did them last night, and ended up sweating like a piglet, BUT the one exercise I couldn't lift my legs without holding onto the side of the table over my head ... Last night I worked hard, but I got it so I could lift my legs, and still breathe .. lol lol ..

She said walking was still a good exercise .. after she asked "does it hurt?" .. I told her no, but my right leg feels like a lead weight until I get into it .. but she said walking would be good. I told her of my day I had in the Dells, when I was in tears at the end of the day .. but it was after 14000 plus steps .. She explained, that I just overdid it .. and while I couldn't disagree, but that was pretty obvious .. lol lol .. Even though I really didn't feel like I over did it, until that long walk to the room .. *sigh* .. so I'm still working with that "happy medium" ..

I was soaking wet after finishing my "homework" last night .. I couldn't believe it .. I was soaking wet, and felt like a total clutz ... lol lol .. I did them this morning, and it was a whole different thing ... I felt coordinated, and together... and didn't sweat so much .. lol lol ..

So ---Now to keep up with my homework so I can show improvement for Thursday ..

I'm happy to say that that little black cloud that was called "the unknown" is gone again .. *whew* ..

I was almost late yesterday .. I left in plenty of time, but as I was pulling out of the driveway a lady was walking around our court with 2 dogs .. One an elderly boston terrier, and the other the prettiest little dog .. I rolled down the window and asked what kind of dog it was, and it ended up to be a PomChi .. pomeranian and chihuahua mix ... It was the prettiest little dog .. and looked like a golden retriever that was only 10 inches tall.. lol lol .. The short little question; we ended up talking about 15 minutes .. She went to Menomonee Falls dog club for training, and I told her that I trained for 15 years in Ixonia at Western Waukesha dog training club .. She asked about training her little one for therapy dog; but the problems that she had .. the little one was shy about people picking her up, and I told her that it could be done, but the chihuahua part of her, is going to make it difficult .. :) lol ..

She lives in Florida during the winter, and lives just up on the end of our subdivision .. and if we were looking for a small breed, we should look in Florida ...

So -- as I was leaving and we said our goodbyes; I looked at the clock, and while I still had enough time, it cut me closer than I wanted .. lol lol .. Give me the subject of dogs and animals, I could be late for my funeral .. lol lol lol ..

After I finished my school .. I ran some errands, and before I knew it it was 2:30 .. I stopped and got my flu shot, ran to get refills of my supplements, and went to Joanne Fabrics .. and then came home .. I found hubby; and asked what he wanted for dinner... he suggested George Webbs Brewers winning burgers .. 5 for 5 .. and that was our dinner .. I didn't have anything throughout the day from my oatmeal for breakfast .. When I got home; I had an apple, and a banana .. so I was good with the decision of burgers .. :) and they were yummy .. Hubby was super sweaty from working outside; so I ran for the burgers while he got cleaned up .. :) THEY WERE YUMMY !!!!!!!

I could honestly say that yesterday was a wonderful day .. :)

Today .. hubby is meeting up with mom to take her on errands, and I'm not sure what Im going to do while he's gone .. but I'm sure I'll find something .. We agreed to go downtown for "olfarts" money after he's done with mom .. I'll get some steps in walking around the casino, while I get the points to play the game .. :)

I think I was holding the "unknown" stress on my shoulders the past few days ..and that may have been part of what has been bothering me .. the other was all the fussing that people have been doing over me .. I'm not used to it.. I will ask for help when I need it, but don't assume that I want help .. I've always been independent, and can't change that fast ..

Soooo today I'm planning on having fun .. :) and whatever comes my way .. I will take care of when it smacks my in the nose .. lol lol lol ..

Wishing everyone a GREAT day !!!!! and yes .. YOU IS IMPORTANT !!!!! :)
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    166 days ago
    sounds like a busy day jealous of 14000 steps
    hospital visit with hubby sister going over the past of both of them. they were in traffic court alot becuase of diding double on a bike or no bike license. that was funny
    enjoy your free time.
    today i am sitting more then anything yesterday overdid heavy lifting ,m emoticon owing,painting
    166 days ago
    PT-you can learn a lot from it! It can hurt a lot! They will give you exercises to help you! It is all a good thing!
    166 days ago
    Glad your 1st day of “class” went well! Ah well, good she gave you “the word” on the exercises to stop. Here’s to building core strength and NO SLOUCHING! LOL I have to work on that one myself.

    Awwwww, you got your doggie fill yesterday!

    Hurray for getting the flu shot. On the news this morning they are warning it is going to be a BAD flu season. I think they say that every year, but for sure, it’s starting early!!!

    166 days ago
    Have a blessed day!!
    166 days ago
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