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Foods Sure to Lift Our Moods

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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Ever find yourself here, like when you get up and it is gray and gloomy outside.
Drizzling rain and you had plans for a nice hike in the woods! ..
Well let's see what we can do to swing our moods upward to make the most of every day!

We are all familiar with the expression: "comfort food." When you hear someone say they want 'comfort food, what comes to mind ?

Do you automatically picture things you know may make you feel better, such as warm cookies from the oven, or a warm pizza delivered right to your door? And on that gray-gloomy day, a hot cinnamon roll?

But did you know there are healthy comfort foods that are actually GOOD for us while lifting our moods?

In contrast, one type of comfort comes with a hefty price to pay. Comfort foods may sooth our emotions temporarily and even help relieve stress but contribute to obesity.

There are foods that Elevate mood! Who doesn't want to feel good, particularly if you are one who is subject to SADS, a kind of depression known as seasonal Affective disorder. This typically emerges during Fall and extends through the winter months, said to affect more women than men.

Becoming knowledgeable about what foods do helps us make good choices.

Herbs and spices too can add to our health and feelings of wellness.

This is the time of year we will 'see it all' when it comes to sugar and spice. And the Industry is making a KILLING in sales but I do not want to be one of their Victims! Remember, sugar not only causes weight gain, tooth decay, depression, a decline in energy, and a roller coaster of first high and then low-but it also highly increases chronic pain!

As we make healthy choices for ourselves, in addition to consistent exercise, SADS does not stand a chance! ..so let's choose foods to help keep us happy instead! emoticon

Thanks for stopping by today!
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