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#31. Some Like It Hot, Movie

Friday, October 05, 2018

Last night, we showed the film, Some Like It Hot, at the library. It was the first film in a year of monthly showings of funny films.
There was a group of 15 people who attended, and we were happy with that.

I introduced the film - giving some interesting facts about the movie:

-- this movie was voted number one of all time for American comedies. And it was voted in the top 30 of ALL American movies.

-- the movie won the Golden Globe, and was nominated for several Academy Awards.
That year, though, the movie, Ben Hur, and its star, Charleton Heston were the winners.

-- in 1959, when the movie came out, it was 'banned' by one Catholic organization because it promoted lesbianism, transvestites, homosexuality, et al.

-- the two male stars, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, who spent much of the movie dressed as women, insisted upon having a designer create special women's outfits for them, rather than just taking clothing from the wardrobe department. Marilyn Monroe wore designer clothing and the guys wanted to do the same.

--Marilyn Monroe (who was beautiful and voluptuous in the film) often had a problem remembering and delivering her lines. Sometimes they would have to repeat a scene 30 or 40 times before she could get it right. Apparently, she had a problem with drugs.

In one scene, she was looking through drawers for a bottle of bourbon, and her line was "Where's the bourbon?" She had so much trouble remembering that line, that Billy Wilder, the Director had the line written out and put on the inside of the drawer. Then she opened the wrong drawer. So Wilder had the line placed in every drawer.

-- The last line in the movie "Nobody's perfect!" -- which later became famous -- was first made spontaneously and was almost left out of the movie altogether.

Some Like It Hot, which was made almost 60 years ago - drew laughter several times from the audience last night.

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