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Happy Thursday ... I can't tell you how happy I am this week !!! Hope you are too !!!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

I had so much fun yesterday .. wrestling with my pumpkin that hubby brought home .. Thankfully he was home when I started and he helped me take the top off .. There was at least 3 inches of meat in it .. and it was a fight to get out even for hubby .. lol .. It was definately a pumpkin pie baker paradise .. lol lol .... but I got it finished .. after a definate wrestling match .. Hubby found some pumpkin carving tools for kids, and they worked really well .. and I was using a small kitchen knife, until I realized how slipper pumpkin goo was and it slipped out of my hand and stuck in the floor upright.. thankfully I moved my foot just in time, because the way it sounded .. it meant business .. I put that on the side and continued with my "childrens carving set" ..

Then I brought down daddy's wood carving knives, and used that for the back .. BOO .. :) I'm pretty proud of it .. and I had fun, and it fought a good fight .. because my back was screaming when I finished .. and I still had to clean up the pumpkin goo .. lol lol .. that was now all over the kitchen and bathroom, since the bathroom was the only room dark enough to see if I got the BOO thin

I moved TD, Lolli, and Uly over to the table to play with their pumpkin so they wouldn't get all gooey with pumpkin goo; and well .. Uly spotted the box of donuts that hubby brought home, and was focused on that for the morning .. lol .. I tried to explain to him, a mischievous little unicorn would not be a good mischievous little unicorn on a sugar high .. lol lol lol .. He worked all that time to get the box open .. until I put the box elsewhere .. lol ..

After I got the kitchen cleaned up, I put the goo with seeds in a bag ..Hubby wanted to throw them out in the back to just "see if they would grow" .. When he came home he said he didn't know what I wanted to do with them .. sooo I looked up on line regarding prepping pumpkin seeds for planting .. and read that you have to get as much of the goo off .. and let them dry for about 4 weeks ..

Sooo while he was out cutting the grass; I stood at the kitchen sink, and put the uck into a colander, and cleaned them up, have them on a tray above the heating vent, in front of the patio door to dry them out ..

and I told hubby that all he has to do while he's walking around the house, is just mix them up every once in a while .. I'll watch for the bad ones that pop up .. :)

Hubby came in and asked if I wanted to see something cool .. I of course said "yea" .. and got my shoes on to take a walk out to the back of the yard ..and he showed me the vine that was growing from the neighbors, and there are 2 pumpkins on it .. however don't think they will get anywhere .. the are still really green, I asked hubby if they weren't watermelons ?? because they look oblong ?? He said they were pumpkins and they weren't going to get any more ripened, because of the frost we had the other night ..

Then he walked me down the bushes a bit farther, and there was a vine ... with some ghords on it .. I took one, and brought it in the house and washed it up .. :)

I'm relatively new to the squash family .. can anyone tell me what this is and if it's even close to ripe ?? It was the brightest one out there ..

Hubby and I figured it was our neighbors garden leftovers from last year .. and they threw the "trash" in the tree line .. so it's fair game !!! :)

So -- this was a fun day .. :)

I got to sit and rest for about an hour or 2 before getting ready for going to dinner....

I went to dinner, and enjoyed the time with my friends .. twin lobster tails with double baked potatoes, and cole slaw for $28... sooo yummy !!!!! and not heavy to sit on my belly ..

We left around 7ish, and I got out to the car, and did up my texts to let hubby know I was on my way and emails, and hit the road .. by the time I left; it was about 7:15ish.

On the way home, I had to take an off way because the normal route was blocked with construction (surprise surprise .. seems to be my pattern lately .. lol) but it took me down a road that was more country style (went past the office so I was familiar with where I was) ..

I looked up at the sky and the sunset was the strangest I've seen in a long time .. and normally I say "I'll catch it when I get home", and of course by the time I get home .. it's gone it caught me so much I actually pulled over to take a picture of it .. it was beautiful and almost surreal .. I know there is logic behind it, but I'm shooting for surreal .. :)

I got home, and I was tired, and sore .. the chairs at the restaurant were definately NOT comfortable ... so I was sitting awkward, and thankful I took Aleve after my wrestling match yesterday .. lol ..

I slept good well -- kinda .. it was very strange dreams .. but that's all they were .. were dreams !!!! :)

Today is a beautiful day and I'm heading to pick up mom and take her to the Dells; and let her loose in the casino .. :) .. lol .. We're taking the country roads up, and the sky is blue, the colors should come out beautifully so she can see them !!! :)

Gotta get myself some breakfast, so talk later !!! Have a great day .. I am going to !!!!!
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    170 days ago
    I have tried many times to dry & or roast pumpkun seeds & have not been successful.
    170 days ago
    Glad you weren’t harmed w/that knife! And good job keeping Uly, TD and Lolli busy w/the “faker” pumpkin! And leave it to Uly to find the donuts! Lordy.

    Sorry! Don’t know what the name of the gourd is, but have seen it before.

    Sounds like a delicious supper!

    What a beautiful picture!!!!!

    Hope you have a fun and safe trip to the Dells w/your Mom!!!

    170 days ago
    wow my night was horrible lack of sleep dizzy stomach upset. slow start and have not a clue what I will eat.
    my day hammering on the front porch and today a week of work despite rain
    170 days ago
    have fun
    171 days ago
    Sounds like a fun pumpkin day! Psss...I recognize that donuts box!

    Save travels!
    171 days ago
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