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Thoughts are not facts

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Yep, thoughts are NOT facts. Just because I think something doesn’t make it truth or reality. In fact my thoughts are often erroneous or fantastical, and I have to fact check myself frequently. Unfortunately, those erroneous thoughts often affect emotions. This is where miscommunication and irrational behavior comes from rather frequently (for me, anyways). Just on a personal, internal level... I am at a fairly stable weight (I dropped weight when I was sick in August, but that is to be expected), but I still have thoughts of what a big person I am, and how I cannot do something due to my weight (despite a preponderance of evidence that says that I can do and accomplish quite a bit... within reason... and that the scale is staying within my personally preferred range). So, those thoughts of incapability and being overweight and just larger than normal are not fact... not reality. They are just thoughts though. I can let them come... and I can let them go again. Thoughts have origins. obviously, in this instance they come from a former reality that I worked hard to change. If I dwell on these thoughts and perceive them as facts I lose touch with the reality of my situation and deprive myself of the satisfaction and positive reinforcement of having achieved something cool. The fact that I lost 50% of my starting weight is pretty awesome (even if I do say so myself). If I allow random thoughts to twist my perceptions away from reality and forget to fact check I am doing myself a disservice... a big one. I have been working on just letting my thoughts be thoughts... and come and go... like clouds in the sky. I have a tendency to ummm... hoard thoughts and overthink. It’s a control thing. It takes vigilance and constant self assessment to refrain from placing judgment on my thoughts, or evaluating my thoughts for anything other than simple facts. It is so easy to start to judge my thoughts (and often to the negative)... but it is rather freeing to step back and just let my thoughts be thoughts. I often find it difficult to sit quietly and meditate, being more apt to participate in walking meditations, but I am finding it a touch easier to sit quietly when I am not hoarding thoughts, overthinking, and judging my thoughts. I still enjoy physically active meditation more, but that is a personal preference. Thing is, now I CAN sit quietly and visualize my thoughts as clouds and allow them to come and go, and come and go... I am not sure how clearly I am expressing the base of the concept I am trying to convey. I find it a difficult concept to convey. We are wired to judge our thoughts and place emotional weight on them. But I find it’s worth the effort to disconnect from the mental and emotional weight and accompanying contortions...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon You did a great job of describing how meditation can Center you in the present reality. We all need to practice this over and over.Women especially tend to be so self-critical.
    159 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    You know what works for your body, listen to it.
    160 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    emoticon Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
    168 days ago
    Well stated. From one who had to deal with and heal from body dysphoria, it's very true - thoughts are simply thoughts, they hold no power until we give them power and they often "lie." Thank-you for all you shared and for sharing your wisdom.
    168 days ago
    Yes - it's hard to let go of the negativity sometimes.

    That's when I go hug my Bubba-dog.

    168 days ago
    emoticon i like to empty my mind and just do mindless things
    169 days ago
    Yes that makes perfect sense to me !
    169 days ago
    Sometimes my brain feels like a locomotive on steroids going downhill with no brakes!! But, I'm now able to slow down my breathing and to help me sleep I just listen to the sounds of the city. The city on the harbor doesn't have horns, traffic stuff. Though lol I just heard Amtrak coming thru, it's in Portland, so it's not loud. Rather I find it soothing. My Grandparents front yard were the trans went in front if as a kid. The house would SHAKE, but its rock me to sleep.

    Thoughts are not accurate at times for so many reasons. Hence why some get very upset in perceiving an event as being X, Y, Z when only Y happened.

    169 days ago
    Have you ever read Eckhardt Tolle? He has some fascinating insights on exactly what you are expressing. I love his mantra "Be here now" if we are where we are we can't let our thoughts take us to the past, the present, or even in an analytical mode. I also think it's good to post a little index card of the 'true facts' right on your bathroom mirror so every morning you can be greeted with the absolutely phenomenal accomplishments you have made. Proud of ya...you KNOW I am! emoticon
    169 days ago
    I can do guided meditation, either with a recorded or actual guide. But, if I try to “empty my brain, let the thoughts come, acknowledge them & let the go”, it doesn’t work. I keep chasing them down the rabbit hole
    169 days ago
    Yes, isn't it funny that people talk about seated meditation as if you can shut off your mind? All humans with normal brain activity will not be able to "shut off" the mind while we are alive. Thoughts arising are absolutely part of it. People describe it as if the goal was to empty the mind of thoughts, but really what we are doing is practicing a new relationship with the thoughts that arise. There is a thought, and it comes and goes. Can we be gentle as we do this? Can we be curious and kind instead of wincing and critical?

    In all things, people will act as if they are experts. They will tell you there is one way to do things right. But you are the expert on you. It is important for me as a trauma survivor to make meditation practice (and yoga practice and dance practice) a trauma informed experience. Emptying your thoughts can be very triggering for some people. And so we can use a zillion other practices instead! Movement meditation, walking meditation, savoring experiences as they happen, or holding any sort of focus during a seated meditation: mantras, mudras, yantras, drishti, light, numbers, breaths, images, a voice to guide you through it, fine tuning sensory experiences, loving kindness phrases, your favorite song or poem or prayer. There are endless ways to do it, and all of the kind ones are right.
    169 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    Those thoughts of ours really do control us. I agree with this blog, that we let them filter in and change our emotional being. Having typed that I'm glad to read that you now can sit quietly and visual these thoughts. At that time I am sure you can disregard the "dark" thoughts and upload the "positive thoughts". This is such a beneficial trait to have and use to your advantage.

    Keep doing your best as it is the only thing you can do. You did a tremendous thing with your weight loss and keeping the weight off. You should pat yourself on your back, because no one did it for you, just you.
    170 days ago
  • MBPP50
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Great blog.
    170 days ago
    Oh my dear, You are so right! There are SOOOoooooo many thoughts that go thru our brains in just a minutes time. And for sure, just because they come across our gray matter doesn't make it fact! I too lost 50% of me and there are STILL times I perceive myself as overweight but that is ridiculous! That speaks volumes to our being able to really take time to understand that not all thoughts are facts, but to understand where these thoughts are coming from!

    HUGS and thanks for talking about this. Making it my mission to make my thoughts positive and discern fact from fiction!
    170 days ago
    I'm glad I took the time to read your blog. It was so true and I like how you say to just let our thoughts come and go like clouds. Very interesting and helpful especially for me as I'm learning that while I think I'm in control I'm really not and it's ok. God bless you!
    170 days ago
  • LINDA058
    For me, weight loss is more an emotional issue than a physical one
    170 days ago
    Wow! You have said a lot that I can identify with most days. Our thoughts even when fleeting can and do affect our choices and our day. I hope we both have good positive thoughts today. Keep Sparking!
    170 days ago
  • no profile photo ELRIDDICK
    Thanks for sharing
    170 days ago
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