Dorothy's Journey: Chapter 89 - True Friends

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Torn away from being fit, healthy and organized, Dorothy started her journey back.

This was the last full day of frolicking in Florida. Dorothy and her friends enjoyed the beach for the day. In the afternoon, they went to see the fishing rodeo where boats returned from fishing to present their largest catches. There was even a fishing rodeo queen, with whom the day's largest catches would be photographed with along with the person who caught the fish. The fishing rodeo continues through the month of October.

Their last dinner was in an old house turned into a restaurant. Their last dessert was a place they had gone to before on their vacation. Despite the best of intentions, Dorothy had the banana split. It was wonderful! Stuffed, they headed back to the room and went out to the pier for one last show. Fireworks were shot off the pier and the ladies watched from the beach outside their room. One of the ladies was talking and said regarding friendship - that a true friend was one that would be there when things were going bad. Dorothy thought how blessed she was to have such friends. Tired, Dorothy went to sleep.

Blessed for the friends close and those that sparkled on Spark People. 5-4-3-2-1 Let's go!
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