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#28. Remembering childhood foods

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

While eating breakfast this morning, I found myself thinking about a breakfast that my brother and I used to have as very young kids in Ontario: Bread and milk.
Literally, it was pieces of bread in a bowl, covered with milk. In really cold weather, the milk was warmed.
I have never heard anybody mention that food. Were we the only family who ate it?

A real favorite was hot Cream of Wheat with brown sugar and milk.

There was also cinnamon toast: with cinnamon and sugar spread over melted butter. (I use that technique today for French toast for my grandkids, and they love it.)

Another food our family ate was cucumber sandwiches. Anyone else?

It is fun to be visited by these memories of food from way back when.

Food is so very different today.

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    I had cinnamon toast, cream of wheat, oatmeal and malt-o-meal and French toast with butter, sugar, and cream or half & half.
    166 days ago
  • NANCY-
    I remember Farina, french toast, pancakes and eggs from my childhood. Oh yes... sugar cereals. :(
    As far as cucumber sandwiches, not as a child, now I use hummus and sliced cukes in a small whole wheat pita.
    169 days ago

    My parents gave us kids bread ‘n’ milk for breakfast all the time. It was a depression dish to stretch the budget, as they told us. It was good! They did make it w/warmed milk and added cinnamon sugar to it! Like cinnamon toast!

    Cinnamon toast was a real treat to me. Still love it, but don’t have it often as I have to be careful w/bread.

    Cucumber sandwiches (and tomato sandwiches) were an absolute staple in the summertime when they were fresh from the garden.

    Cream of Wheat, Oatmeal, Cornmeal, Grits . . . all staples in the colder months. Still love them all.

    Yes, brings back lots of memories.

    169 days ago
    we had cream of wheat and mom would make it thick and lumpy then we wuld add butter. she would make us fried dough , yes and shredded wheat and rice crispies
    169 days ago
    That's a great way to soften up bread that's getting older. My mom used to feed us "milk toast" when we weren't feeling well!

    We had cream of wheat exactly as you describe, too. And cinnamon toast, too.

    I think several of those were ways to stretch calories on a budget!
    169 days ago
    This reminds me of some of my childhood snacks, that I haven't had in a long time. I would put honey grahams in a cup with milk (that I'd end up needing to use a spoon.) When I tried to eat raisins in a cup of milk, it would end up hurting my teeth (making me feel like I had a cavity! Too sweet.)
    I'd make cinnamon toast a LOT, but, I'd sprinkle cinnamon on the buttered toast...then put a 1/2 layer of brown sugar on top of that! emoticon Another favorite, was to separate the graham cracker into it's 8 pieces & butter it up like a stacked sammich. BUT, better than that is to use peanut butter with the grahams & dunk THAT into milk. While these all sound like sugary snacks, at least I was drinking milk with all my meals...

    I loved hot cereals. Cream of Wheat or Wheatina (haven't seen the latter in a VERY long time.) My mom would boil up whole prunes, and sometimes, we'd have bowls of warm cooked prunes as a bedtime snack. They're actually very good. Like, giant raisins. emoticon
    169 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/2/2018 3:19:43 PM
    My mom would prepare 'milk toast' for us. It was a slice of bread toasted and buttered
    with warm milk poured over the top. We mainly ate it at times we were not feeling well
    with tummy issues. It was very soothing.

    I love cinnamon toast. To this day, I often have a Ezekiel Muffin with
    cinnamon sugar with my morning oatmeal and tea.
    169 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/2/2018 2:12:12 PM
    Yes! Had them all plus on rare occasions either puffed rice or puffed wheat for breakfast with fresh milk from the cow. Not too many choices 60+ years ago!
    170 days ago
    I ate all the same things, except for the cucumber sandwiches. Our version of Milk Toast was a poached egg on toasted white bread, with hot milk poured over it -- in our family, it was a comfort breakfast reserved for when we were home sick or not feeling so good. Oooh, and leftover oatmeal fried with butter and maple syrup.
    170 days ago
    My dad ate plain cornflakes with milk for breakfast. My hubby had French toast a lot. I tried plain corn flakes but have never tried French toast. I didn't usually eat breakfast nor did my mom as she worked as a model some. I had no appetite in the morning and always felt better when I didn't eat. Mom would sometimes eat Cream of Wheat and she ate oatmeal in later years. I tried those and didn't like them. If I ever ate any kind of breakfast food it was probably at brunch and things like white toast with margarine, toad in the hole, cinnamon toast - I ate those the most as they were my favorites. Or I ate pancakes, waffles, poached/scrambled/fried egg whites, sausage, bacon, ham, Rice Crispies or Rice Chex with water, juice. We seldom had pastries, doughnuts, bagels, English muffins. My parents were not into bread much. Or fruit. I never had milk as I was lactose intolerant, no coffee, no omelets, no yolks, no hot cereal, or most cereal as I didn't like it. Cereal is kind of weird without milk and back then I didn't know I was gluten intolerant. I wanted to like cereal as other kids ate it and I tried all kinds of cereal at some point as some had toys. My dad ended up having to eat all the cereal and wasn't happy about it as he only liked plain Corn Flakes. I tried things like Frosted Flakes, Corn Pops, Sugar Pops, Sugar Smacks, Kix, Raisin Bran, Chex, Sugar Crisps, Shredded Wheat, Grape-nuts, Cheerios, CapNCrunch, Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, Apple Jacks, Alpha-Bits. A lot of them were like candy and I couldn't handle candy early in the morning and still can't. By the end of the 60s I had given it up on trying any cereal mostly but did try Honey Bunches of Oats and thought it was good for a snack back then but I had it rarely. I also ate grits for the first time when I was grown and kind of liked them the most of any of the cereals. Maybe I'm just a Southern Belle and didn't know it.
    170 days ago
  • no profile photo CANTSTAYAWAY
    I loved cinnamon toast and we had lots of oatmeal. My Mother used to cut grapefruits in half, sprinkle large quantities of sugar all over the half, and I loved it. ( just fostering my crazy sugar addiction!)
    We had cucumber sandwiches too.
    170 days ago
    My breakfast as a kind was cinnamon toast!.

    My mom raised parakeets who were allowed to fly around on occasion. I remember a parakeet trying to take off with one of my toast triangles!
    170 days ago
    My dad did bread and milk for his own breakfast occasionally . . . cinnamon toast for all of us on occasion: and mum made cucumber sandwiches, very thinly sliced with crusts off for her ladies' bridge luncheons!!
    170 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    Slow cooked oatmeal (on grandmother's wood stove) topped with sweetened condensed milk that contained some walnuts once in a while.

    Afternoon tea & cookies at other grandmother's.

    Almost got a sugar rush thinking of these!
    170 days ago
    Oatmeal, cream of wheat, boiled eggs...
    170 days ago
    I have never heard of bread and milk, childhood also never had cucumber sandwiches. But I did have cinnamon toast on more than one occasion. As a child, I rarely ate breakfast. And now I IF, so no breakfast for me. It is good to think back on how we associated food and mealtimes because many of our habits started there. I hope you have a great day.
    170 days ago
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