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Is it true, are they gone?

Friday, September 28, 2018

It has been over a week now since I started on HRT, and I have to say that I'm quite impressed so far. I didn't think I'd notice a difference right away, as they usually say "give it a few weeks" before the benefits are really noticeable.

Well, I noticed things almost immediately.

For one, I am no longer a grease-ball. Yes, I'm back to no longer needing wash my hair on a daily basis. It floored me that I was practically needing to wash it twice a day due to the amount of oil building up at the roots. I didn't want to wash it everyday due to the fact that I do color my graying hair, as that would strip the color quicker. But now, I'm back to being able to skip a couple of days without looking like I'm homeless in the Ozarks in mid-August.

Another is that I no longer look like a teenager. I never did have the acne case that most teens went through, so the popup of them again at 50 was still a shocker. I didn't have them then, so I certainly didn't want them now. I knew part of it was my CPAP mask rubbing up against the extra oily skin, but I also knew the CPAP mask wasn't the cause, as it was not a new introduction. I did change my skin regimen slightly, and did notice a difference, but the big difference came after starting the HRT, when the zits disappeared completely.

I no longer smell like teen spirit. I swear to the everything there is that I had turned into a pre-teen boy's gym shorts that were left unwashed in a gym locker. I reeked after only a few hours after taking a good shower. And I was scrubbing my pits like crazy and applying deodorant liberally, yet I still smelled horrible. I was beginning to hate myself. Finally, my roommate told me about Secret Clinical Strength, and I've fallen in love with myself again. I no longer avoid people. Plus, I'm sure the HRT has helped, too.

I am no longer edging close to America's Most Wanted list. The anger and rage were veering on the uncontrollable. I swear, someone was going to get hurt, and I had an alibi. But since starting HRT, much cooler heads have prevailed. I've been much nicer to people, even to myself.

As for the weight and my energy, I've been waking up earlier and sleeping better, even on prednisone, which was odd. I had an asthma attack that required multiple nebulizer treatments and 5 days of prednisone (which are luckily done and over), and the only thing that really got to me was the occasion hot flash and binge eating. Yes, I did gain a pound or two, but nothing like it could have been.

I'm hoping that now that things are "normalling" out, that maybe, just maybe, I can get healthy again. I've signed up for a kickboxing class and now that the breathing is under control, I'm ready to kick some butt! And in a nice way this time.
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