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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Well, of course, stay in school and even go to college or learn a trade.

Oh, health? The question pertains to health?

All those exercises we did in P.E. class - keep them up.

Richard Simmons - keep those tapes and CDs going daily.

Join SPARK and stay there!!!

Sugar - leave sugar totally alone. It will destroy your insides, make you fat and lazy, make you a couch potato - or as it is called now - Metabolic Syndrome.

The Food Pyramid is a lie - Low Carb is the way to go - even our military says so.

Use something besides food for rewards - art, music, movies, friends, etc.

Most of all, be true to yourself. Have your own income and support yourself. Eat and dress to please yourself.

Stay in touch with Alternative medicine - plant, herb, oils, Eastern medicine - right along with western medicine.

Meditate- really!!! Have teachers and friends that keep you open to new ways of seeing and thinking. Paramahansa was my first teacher. Ancient Aliens on History Channel is amazing.

Atkins bars will curb the desire for sugar. Keep them in your car and go and get ONE when you need it.

Have a pet.

When you have extra money, spend it on your family. Give $ at Christmas - everyone loves money.

LAW OF ATTRACTION- taught me how to get rich. Keep a $10 bill in your purse. You can spend it whenever you want to, but don't! What do you really need? Graduate to a $20. Then $50, then $100. I have a $1000 in my purse all the time. I can buy whatever I want, but I don't. I have no credit debt. car and home paid for. Until I have it on my Bucket list for a month or longer I'm not even serious about wanting it.. I've been to ENGLAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAND, WALES, PARIS, SWITZERLAND, GERMANY, ROME, FLORENCE, VENICE, ATHANS/GREECE 1 - 4 times, Canada, Niagara Falls, Japan, Monument Valley (Google it), etc. AND A 805 CREDIT SCORE. All because of ONE suggestion from LoA.

Younger ladies, If you are a stay at home mom, YOU are earning your wage, and don't let him forget it. *grin*

Life is grand!


p.s. One of my friends said always floss. I will add, brush but with Tom's which is natural, and not too hard.
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