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In a World Where Numbers Don't Exist

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Can you imagine living in a world where numbers don't exist?
We would not know the difference between young and old, our present age or weight.
We would have to rely on 'other means'; perhaps instinct. In a world without numbers, we wouldn't be able to keep score on how many times someone has done us wrong

I once read a spark coach's blog asking, "How would you measure your success if you did not have a scale?"

Whaaaat? Life without a scale?"

That's right. And here's another one to ponder.

What if your mind went blank when asked your age.
Suddenly, you have no idea

I thought it over for about six seconds and concluded: "Does it really matter?" lol

So you are asked again, "Well how old do you THINK you are emoticon
Your answer would likely be a reflection of your health in general, your outlook, your attitude, your level of happiness, and how you feel most of the time.

Now then, here is why it should not matter.

You can take two adults--same age.
One gets out of bed in the morning with a song in their heart and spring in
their step, eagerly greeting the day.

The second moans and groans taking in account how difficult the day is going to be.
And yet, the first person often hears, "You look much younger than your age."
What makes the difference in two people the same age? you ask.

If you are anything like me, you don't think of yourself in terms of the birth years or pounds recorded on your driver's license. Instead, you see yourself vibrant, alive, and youthful on the "inside." Of course your attitude and outlook reflect your inner vision of yourself.

I don't get hung up on 'numbers' whether it be the scale or calendar years. They're just numbers! But I DO get hung up on health and fitness because I LOVE being fit and healthy! … I am forever trying new things, like a new medicine ball and am so excited seeing all I can do!)

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it.
And like Pooh, if numbers on the calendar or the scale ever try to get you down:
Just tell em: "Oh Bother" and let it go!
And last:

Thanks for stopping by! ... emoticon
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