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Finding the fun!

Monday, September 24, 2018

I have been blathering on in my last few blogs about how this journey is neverending, not easy, and requires difficult changes like radical acceptance, which may make it seem like this journey of self discovery on the way to a healthier lifestyle, a healthier me has been a slog through a morass of profound difficulties. Not so! Sure, there are challenging pieces to this, but if I didn’t find the fun and enjoy what I am doing then I certainly wouldn’t be sticking with it! It is not one big party, but it isn’t an interminable chore either. I have tried out different things as far as food and exercise go, and I have kept the things that work for me, and fit with my personality and patterns of preferences. (Well, once I broke free of the patterns that saw me gaining weight in the first place!). Some things I found boring, or too complicated, or simply too painful. Why keep doing something that confounds, bores, or causes pain? I kept searching and trying options until I found what works best for me for now. (It has evolved and changed over time, based on injury, illness, or inclination primarily). I find that if I find comfort, enjoyment or some other immediate reward for doing something I am more likely not only to do it the first time, but to make it a habit. For me, walking, at the moment, is my go-to workout. Running is problematic, so I have put it on hold for a while, I also do light weights, and daily stretching for my exercise. I don’t complicate things. I keep it simple. I find these things enjoyable. Not everyone would. Some would find them boring. So, find what appeals to you, whether it soothes or stimulates. As for food? There are ways of making healthier foods taste better, and if I stick to a plan my taste buds seem to change what they find appealing. So, maybe trying something borderline okay several times with different preparations is wise, and not dismissing out of hand based on one taste of one dish. I used to hate onions, but I have found certain ways for them to be prepared that I truly enjoy. So, try new things, but don’t punish yourself with the food you choose. Just as you wouldn’t punish yourself with exercise, don’t punish yourself with food choices. This journey is NOT about self punishment! It is about learning to feel better in your body. Many of us were miserable at the weight we started at, so losing weight was imperative to make exercise more comfortable (for me, it made everyday activities much more comfortable as well...). The health benefits of exercising and eating healthier are documented, as is the benefit of losing some weight if you’re overweight. From my personal perspective, losing a significant amount of weight made a huge difference in my life, and in my health. But I certainly wouldn’t have stuck with it this long if I found it a detestable chore! Who would? Finding a balance of moderation and fun, with what I NEED to do to lose/maintain my weight is an ongoing experiment. And probably will be continued for a long time. But... I AM having fun. Today remember to try and fail, not fail to try! Trying over and over is how we learn!
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