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Yes, I know she is a dog. I don’t have kids. She is a family member to us absolutely-

Friday, September 21, 2018

So I had to lovingly tell those friends of mine who roll their eyes and think that because she is not human and that this discounts her – to please back off.

My poor dog has been in the hospital for 6 days now. I’ve noticed that I’m going through a myriad of emotions since I’m just helpless.
It all kicked off with Olive pushing herself too hard at physical therapy session 2+ weeks ago for her back. She’s a very energetic 6 year old with a degenerative disc disease, which is why we need to keep her going to physical therapy every so often. No biggy. She loves it.

She showed some symptoms that she was sore, so we called her favorite doctor at the vet and they told us what to do: keep her in her crate for the next couple of weeks. Try to head off another back injury and let her body heal itself. No problem. And things seemed ok for the next several days.

Six days ago something happened. Olive was just acting off. My husband thought that she would settle down as he was rushing around to get ready for a work event. And you know me, I am very limited with my mobility as I am dealing with my own chronic pain stuff.

Hubby left for his event and I was home alone with my little monkey. Olive was getting worse. Panting, crying. I know her sounds. Yes, that sounds ridiculous but I just do. The volume just cranking louder and louder. This was now turning into an urgent situation so I called the animal hospital. They could hear her in the background screaming. “Bring her in right now. Something is very wrong“, the nurse said. I was not sure what to do. But I needed to pull it all together for her. I told the nurse that I had limited mobility and would need help once I got there -with just about everything. I was on my way.

I prayed for strength. I called my husband to tell him I was taking her to the dog ER. He was an hour away in the opposite direction. No time.
I changed my clothes rapidly (screw you chronic pain). Fought to get the dog carrier down from the garage shelf. Wrestled to get the harness out and crate door open (start working hands!). Tried to calm Olive enough to get her safely into the harness and carrier. Carried her to the car (work with me feet!), and drove 45 min to the dog hospital.
She was in so much pain. My body was so angry for me asking it to do so much. So I started singing Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain. Why my mind set on that internal playlist I’ll never know. But hey, I channeled Carly’s cool attitude and wispy hair to get us to our destination. Olive actually stopped crying so loud. Yippee.

Once I pulled into the parking lot I got the dog carrier out and started to gather together all of the junk that is ‘me’ currently:
arm splint
Ice packs
Battery fan
Extra bandages for yucky bleeding feet.

I put Olive’s pet carrier in the seat of my wheelchair and push/waddled her into the pet hospital. The vet tech’s were so helpful. They know Olive, so even they were alarmed.
Long story short- Olive came home with what we thought was a painful but treatable infection. She had new medication and came home the next day. That medication ultimately gave her a long seizure, which was one of the scariest things we’ve gone through with her.
Back to the hospital at 3:00AM.
Since then each day has been one step forward, 2 backward. Something completely different each time.

It has been a bit depressing to see a couple of my good friend’s eyes just glaze over when they ask how Olive is doing and I share how she is unable to keep food down because that day the vet believes she might be suffering from one treatable condition and the meds they had her on 2 days ago were for something else. I’m trying to be a responsible and loving pet owner. Not someone who would selfishly drag out an animal’s pain. No way.

It’s Day 6 and we are hoping to get our 4 legged little Olive back home this evening if all goes well. Paws crossed : )
She’s only 6 years old. As long as we can provide a realistic low pain and happy slobber-filled life for her, then I say we go for it.
Hmm, apparently this blog is just one long-fibrous-leafy-green-juicy
-rant then it seems, eh?
Sorry Spark Pals. Thanks for listening!

‘Nuff Said,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh my goodness! I nearly cried reading this. Teared up. I know how hard it is for your to do even the regular life things, but this was truly a labor of love. I'm so far behind in my email s right now that I didn't know about this blog until today. So some time has passed. How is everything? Is she ok now? Are YOU ok now? That kind of stress and activity had to have some repercussions for you as well. I really hope all is well for both of you, but I fear it isn't. My heart is with you!
    383 days ago
    Oh, I am so sorry you have to go through all this. You were soooo brave wrestling to get Olive to the hospital. I hope you are okay now? Thinking good thoughs for Olive and for you. I hope she'll be fine. It can be so very hard to deal with the illness of a pet. Sending you and her love. emoticon
    386 days ago
    Oh, I can relate! My dog is my fur baby too. When he twitches, itches, coughs or whatever, I get concerned. What you are going through is many degrees harder yet. I will pray for wisdom for the vet and recovery for your pup!
    387 days ago
    I have a Sarah the cat who is my.grandbaby and i spoil her rotten sounds like you are being a good parent ! I hope she gets well soon
    389 days ago
  • LINDA7677
    Fur babies are our four legged children.
    389 days ago
    She is adorable! I hope your baby feels better soon. I understand completely, my dogs are my babies too.
    389 days ago
    Cute dog. My puppy is a godsend.
    389 days ago
    I understand all of this completely and feel the same way about my remaining cat. (his brother died 4 years ago) I really hope that all works out well for your family and Olive. I also don't want my pet to suffer and get very stressed during illnesses. Take care. I'm impressed you were able to do all that in this crisis.
    389 days ago
  • SHELLIE1964
    Wishing the best for Olive.
    389 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    No children her either and our furchild is our child. Good for you for being so attuned to Olive.
    389 days ago
  • SHANII1019
    I hope Olive comes home soon
    389 days ago
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