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Happy Friday ... well -- it came to putting my foot down, but I feel good today !!!! :)

Friday, September 21, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Now what would you do if someone said that to you ?? You'd probably back off ?? right??? .. Well -- work and Sally came to butting heads yesterday ..

I went to get my nails done .. just a simple french tip, because I'm going to be very busy in the next few weeks, and these will go with anything, and they are easy to manage as they grow out to keep looking clean ..

I left, and stopped at Walgreens to pick up some Aleve, and some mechanical pencils, and fresh erasers .. and came out and started heading towards mom's as I was helping her with her card party yesterday ..

This is about an hour drive from where I was to where I'm going .. I planned on stopping at McD's to grab a bite, as it was on the way ..

Well -- all of a sudden my phone goes into Texting explosion .. there was a problem at work; and they wanted me to come by to fix it, and she needed to talk to me about this and that and this and that .. (all things we have previously talked about) .. at the stoplight, I texted back "busy" .. and it continued .. next stoplight I texted back "busy" and it continued .. more and more urgency and frustration .. next stoplight I texted "busy" ... and it continued (I was in the car that reads the texts for you) .. Finally the next stoplight I texted back "driving" .. and it finally stopped .. So much for a relaxing ride to mom's ..

I got to mom's and had a wonderful afternoon with the ladies .. they were in silly moods .. I came out of my cave every once in a while to check to see if they needed anything, and clean up some of the candybar wrappers ..

Before I started anything (working on my coasters) I texted her back, and carefully explained .. I am done .. I am not an "instant help" service .. and I will be stopping by at 8 after I was done with what I was doing .. and she thanked me; and the August accounting records looked really good .. I told her that it took me 30 hours to do it up, and that is too much free time for being retired .. she needed to slow down, and pay attention. (didn't say they were dumb mistakes) and repeated again .. I will drop the information off at 8 tonight. (last night) ..

By the end of the day and cleaning mom up my back was screaming and screaming .. and screaming some more .. I left mom's at around 7 .. and thankful that I had the Aleve in the car .. I took one for the ride, and it helped. By the time I got to the office, to drop off the paperwork, it felt better, I put the paperwork on her desk, and went next door to check what they were talking about; and it was working fine .. so it must have been fixed ..

I got home around 9ish after stopping to fill Elsie up with gas .. and my back was screaming so bad that I actually shook when I was standing and talking with hubby about his day .. He had a good day .. :)

I went upstairs and didn't want to take a muscle relaxer; because I had just taken the Aleve .. so I went upstairs and found a box of Salonpas and put one on .. I slept like the dead, and in no pain this morning ....and it had stayed put .. !!!! Okay -- another fix !!!WOOHOO !!!!!!

I guess as far as the girls at work ..I'm angry and I'm hurt .. I gave them the opportunity to ask me questions when I stopped in .. but I was not going to drop my life in order to "rescue work" .. It seems like whenever I start to make "friendships" .. it ends up more of "what can I do for them" .. I have lost alot of respect for them .. I've got a very busy few weeks coming up, of things that I'm looking forward to .. I have dropped the information that I am not an "on call girl", and I will not stand for the hysterical texts that I received yesterday .. and if they don't respect that .. I will go above their heads, and pull a lunch with Leonard and Jimmy .. but I don't want to do that ..

Sooo that was my day ..

I did get my coasters all done ... 8 packs of 6 each .. :) .. Now I can start working on the next quilt !!!!!!!

Still have a ton of 'base squares' so I could probably make up a couple of quilts yet .. :)

I had to giggle at hubby yesterday .. he was going to spend the day with his friend; and that's why I thought I had a busy day but a fun day .. :) .. evidently Uly and TD had watched golf when we weren't around.. Uly was trying to show daddy his abilities (with my selfie stick .. okay .. he has an imagination too .. lol)

but alas .. daddy told him he couldn't go with .. it was too rainy, and sloppy .. and mommy would be really mad if Uly and TD got messy .. (ummm yup !!! lol) ..

Hubby had a fun time with his friend .. :) and he got to use his free golf certificates .. :)

That brings us to today .. :)

I am SOOO happy .. my back feels great this morning .. I'm going to take a pack of the Salonpas with us on the overnighter on Monday in the Dells .. but I'll also be moving around more that day .. :)

I am not sure what today has in store for us .. but I'm looking forward to whatever it throws my way .. :) Right now I have a load of clothes in the washer ... exciting huh ?? lol lol ..

My next week the days are going to be busy ones .. so hoping today is a relatively quiet one .. :) If hubby goes out for a walk I may join him, just to get some movement ..

Tomorrow .. is "Open doors Milwaukee" .. Places you can go that aren't normally open .. like the top of the US bank building, and you can see FOREVER !!!! Hubby was talking about taking a Miller brewing tour ... because they started charging for their tours .. so this may be the last time we get it for free . :(

and then tomorrow night is my puppy club picnic .. I'm my friend's date .. (one of my few friends that are a friend with no side wants but a friend .... ) her "cheap" date .. lol lol .. and I am so looking forward to that .. I miss alot of those people .. :) and am looking forward to seeing them again ..

Then Sunday we are planning on going downtown Milwaukee (more Open doors Milwaukee) and stop at the casino to use some free certificate money that a friend of his gave him .. :) and just have a quiet day ..

Monday after he finishes with his Wii bowling, we're heading for the Dells, and spend overnight there .. :) His free overnight coupon !!! and that will bring us to Tuesday ..

On Wednesday I'm going to pay off a debt that was created before I left work .. (no .. not going to the office) .. I promised a company that I dealt with that I would buy a round of coffee ... I'm going to pay that debt on Wednesday .. :) (hubby is busy on Wednesday's so I have time for myself .. lol)

Then the 29th .. Hubby is taking me, our "best man" and his wife, and our "maid of honor" and her husband to Fox and Hounds here in Wisconsin .. Back in May we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary; and our best man lives in Arizona, and he and his wife come back to the area in the summer .. and they are going to be here about another month .. so hubby planned this, and I'm looking forward to this .. It won't be a late night, because our maid of honor has a diabetic kitty that she has to get back home for so she already told us that they have to leave around 8 .. :)

And then we get into October .. :)

So -- I have a busy couple of weeks coming up .. and I'm looking forward to all of it .. :) I am going to keep my back under control the best I can ... so it doesn't poop me out .. lol lol ..

Okay --- that's the story of Sally .. After my "explanations of the facts of life" I feel like that proverbial monkey has once again been removed from my back .. (for the time being )

Hubby's talking about going to the zoo for his walk .. guess what .. I'm planning on going with !!!!

Being busy ... I eat less, and "most of the time" enjoy life more !!!! :) I wish everyone a busy day !!!! :)

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    Wonderful! So glad you explained your boundaries to your work peeps.

    So happy you are enjoying life more, too!

    180 days ago
    181 days ago
    Wow! Definitely boundaries need to be set! Glad you did. I do NOT blame you @ all for being upset w/them. You aren’t an employee anyhow! You offered to help out if needed from the goodness of your heart and they’re taking it too far. ‘Nuff said, I know you know.

    Nice that you were able to help your Mom out and she was so appreciative!

    Your coasters look fabulous!!!!

    LOLOL! Leave it to Uly to use the selfie-stick as a putter! TOOOO funny. And right on, no muddy Uly or TD!

    Glad your DH had a good time w/his golfing buddies.

    Woohoo that the back feels better. Salonpas has a good reputation for helping w/back pain. Never used it myself, but others have told me so.

    That sounds like fun going to the top of the US Bank and the Miller Brewing tour.

    That’s nice you will get to go to the puppy club picnic. I know you’ll have fun.

    I KNOW you’ll have fun @ the Dells. Nice.

    How wonderful that you’ll get together w/your best man and his wife, your maid of honor and her husband @ the Fox & Hounds. NICE! Never been there, but have heard wonderful things about it.

    Enjoy the zoo. PERFECT day for it.


    181 days ago
  • GABY1948
    Gret blog!!!
    181 days ago
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