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Happy Wednesday ... good day yesterday ... and closing another chapter once again .. :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

I'm happy to say after a difficult morning; the afternoon gave me everything but $40 back .. as I was making my way to the door to leave .. *WHEW* .. I had a fun day ..

I did well with lunch as well .. :) YAY ME !!! We went to the buffet; and I started with a big plate of salad ... Tell me .. "HOW CAN YOU CRAVE SALAD" ???? lol lol .. but I was ... and I have to say .. it was yummy !!!! :) My second plate was a variety of meats and dessert; I had dessert, but didn't resort to ice cream .. as it wasn't a weekend .. I had myself a piece of angel food cake, with strawberries on top and whip cream topped that .. It was actually very very yummy !!!

Like I said .. the afternoon was a turn in events... We played our free money, we have a game that we play; and I have fun doing our free money together with hubby ... and then we went off in our own directions ... Hubby said he was going to play for another 30 minutes, and then head for home .. I headed for home about 2:30ish .. so it was probably an hour or so since we parted ..

I had an uneventful drive home .. but on the TO meet up with hubby I saw this on a tavern door .. while I was stopped at a stop light, and just had to get a photo .. I thought it was soooo great !!!!!

Anyway .. my drive home was pretty uneventful, but I was happy to get home .. my back was starting to hurt .. but I went upstairs, and wrote up my note, and dick and jane series; with reference that she should come into the office during off hours (if she just explains it to Jimmy, he wouldn't buck the OT hours so she can learn), and do research as to learn how one thing works with another .. that the accounts are balanced up to August 2018, and starting the end of September .. this is what you do .... If you aren't sure how to move into breakdowns of entries ... Call Jesse at *** (software company), and if there's questions about how to make corrections call Dan (CPA) ... he taught me; and he would be the one to contact .. In other words gracefully bowing out .. I'll drop it off on Saturday afternoon before going to puppy club dinner on Saturday ..

It probably wouldn't irritate me as much; but it's been "time sensitive" problems, and taken alot of my time .. and I'm feeling taken advantage of .. I get texts from them, but they are questions .. and on a second thought they ask about my sewing, crafts, or how I'm feeling .. "how do you .... I hope you're back is feeling better" .. second thought .. and I don't like the feeling of being used .."because *** (software company) is like with a lawyer; they charge from the time they connect" .. (underlying .. "but you don't" .. ) Umm yea .. they are a business .. they have to make the money of taking the time of their service staff ...

Okay --So I typed up my resignation note, with a general breakdown of what needs to be done, and problems that I saw .. which is stuff I preached from day one .. date sensitivity ..
and I'll drop it with the paperwork off on Saturday ....

*stepping off of my soapbox now* ...

After I was finished putting away the stuff on my table upstairs; I sat with the heating pad on my back; because it was hurting .. You know ?? One of my friends on here; made mention that I could be holding my "stress" in my back .. lol .. I'm starting to wonder ??? lol lol

I never had dinner last night, because I wasn't hungry .. I'm super happy to say I'm not super starved this morning, and my scale is back down to "hubby on vacation" weights .. lol ..

You know .. I'm wondering, and I will probably talk to the doctor the next time I see her; that my belly that has come to light since menopause came to be .. if that may be pulling on my back muscles .. because I've been doing some reading, and it's all about the core muscles. If I am sitting, and I purposely "pull my belly button toward my spine" .. In other words suck in as much of my belly as I can .. my back seems to relax a bit .. So that is my point of interest for now ..

Ohoh.. Uly and TD were out and about yesterday again .. Wasn't sure what TD was up to, but Uly found my selfie stick and well ... don't tell him .. but the phone that he has on there, isn't charged up ... lol .. but he was taking selfies, and then I looked and was wondering what TD was looking at with the binoculars .. lol .. but we searched it out ... and there was something outside that he was watching, but we've had alot of activity going on at the birdfeeder .. lol

Today is going to be a Sally day .. hubby has gone to Madison to get his free money .. In fact he left so early, that he should be coming home soon; but this afternoon he's spending at Wii bowling ... so I have today just to be ..

Tomorrow .. hubby is "sofar" going to the Dells with his friend to use the free golf ticket; and I'll be going over to mom's in the afternoon to help her with her card party ... I'm taking the last of my coasters with me to finish sewing them up (it'll feel good to be able to concentrate on my crafts again!) .. and she has a doozer of a puzzle she's working on so when I get bored I can work on that .. :)

So -- that's the life of the Princess .. I wish everyone a great day !!!!

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    185 days ago
    Happy Wednesday
    185 days ago
    I found that gentle core exercises help my back. Ask your dr. She may send u 2 PT.
    185 days ago
    Oh I LOVE that sign. AMEN!!!

    Glad you got your “Dick & Jane” series done! Hope it helps.

    Hope the heating pad helped! Ice or heat alternated helps me.

    Glad that your weight is moving in the right direction.

    DEFINITELY having a strong core helps the back. Have you tried wall push ups? I do those everytime I visit the little girls room. It is a help. Annd that maneuver of drawing in the belly button as far as you can – another great move!

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL! I can just see Uly taking selfies! That’s too funny. Curious guy!

    Hope the card party goes well today w/your Mom.

    185 days ago
    emoticon Enjoy your Sally Day!
    185 days ago
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