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The Power of Positivity

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

It’s the end of Week 2 for my Aspire and Inspire BSG challenge and time to write the assigned blog! I chose the one about positive thinking.

September 13th was Positive Thinking Day. The power of positive thinking is absolutely astounding. Medical research confirms that a positive attitude works wonders at fighting disease and ailments, from the common cold to cancer. People with an "I think I can" attitude, are far more likely to succeed at work, and in accomplishing every goal they set in life.

Do you think you have a positive attitude? How do you keep a positive attitude when people around you are not positive.

I believe that I naturally am a very positive person. Most of the time I look at the glass half full instead of half empty and I look at the positives in everybody, including myself (that’s the hardest, since I think we all tend to be most critical with ourselves.) It does take work to have a positive attitude at times, and I realize that I have strategies in place to keep it up. After all, not every day is full of positivity - sometimes you don’t feel well or something happens that makes you feel worried or anxious or depressed. I can be in a good mood and then my dh and I have a disagreement and I get annoyed at him! LOL We can’t expect to be upbeat and full of rainbows and unicorns every moment of every day! I found a great quote that I like that shows the reality of positivity.

I totally agree with this - when things go wrong or something bad happens, you have to let yourself feel the emotions about it, and then release them and MOVE ON, believing that things will get better again! If you hold on to or push down negative emotions, whether they are anger, resentment, sadness, fear, etc. that stress will manifest itself in your body and can create dis-ease. I have always been a proponent of "forgive and forget" in relation to negative feelings toward others or myself! Put the past in the past and keep it there.

Worrying about the future is something I do have to work on though. I realize I can’t worry about what will happen to me or someone else in the future - in most cases I can’t control that. I can only do something now and enjoy this moment and day.

So, how do I keep up the positive attitude? By surrounding myself with positivity in all different ways and staying away from negativity (like the news or negative social media, for example) Here are some of the things I do:

*Use meditation, music and affirmations to calm myself if I am worrying about something (I did this a lot through my recent breast cancer scare and with my son’s addiction challenges)
*Read inspirational and motivational quotes, stories and books.
*Watch something funny on TV or YouTube.
*Exercise always helps me feel better!
*Surround myself with positive people who are humorous and full of fun!
*Get support and encouragement from family, friends and SparkFriends
*Keep setting goals that stretch and challenge myself to learn and grow.
*Use variety and change to keep my life interesting.
*Don’t give up if I have a setback. Remember that tomorrow is always a new day, and I can accomplish anything I desire through persistence and belief in myself! emoticon

*Most of all, I focus on being present and grateful for all the beauty around me and little things we tend to take for granted.

I have this sign in my kitchen that I look at each day. It’s very simple but great advice!

Finally, here is a positivity pledge and another poster I found that I think are worth reviewing over and over again.

*It says: “What makes us stronger are the challenges we face, the obstacles we overcome, and the achievements we make. A positive attitude can create remarkable results. Use your mind, body, and your soul to create, achieve, and live your goals..."
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