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Welcome to my Nut house... Sunday 09/16/2018

Sunday, September 16, 2018

I've always said Sunday is my favorite day of the week and I love, love, love sunny September Sundays!!

I don't remember exactly why, but I did not get to the gym by 6AM; I did make it before 9 and immediately found I neglected to bring my wallet, so there's that. Luckily the gym takes your word and your face, LOL, for you you say you are and lest you in without your membership card!

It was nice to be back and it was pretty empty which is OK because I'm getting back into the swing very slowly so that I don't hurt myself.

I invested in some REALLY good shoes that are supposed to work best for arthritis, bad knees and flat feet (instead of just "good" shoes).

The gym has a treadmill with what looks like tank treads that are supposed to have a much better cushion to it, which is supposed to work best for arthritis, bad knees and flat feet!

I did a quarter mile on the treadmill and 5 minutes on the recumbent bike (NOT a bike) per my Physical Therapist, then headed to the pool for aerobics both in the dressing room while trying to get into a new suit that had some really weird straps that kept unhooking on both the front and back for each shoulder. I'm sure it would have been quite entertaining to anyone who could have caught the show and I myself was laughing like a fool because it was so comical. It really was. I didn't know they could come off like that and I was like a puppy chasing it's tail trying to find the loop for the back on one side, only to lose it on the front once the back was hooked and the same thing for the other shoulder!! At least I got a good laugh!!

And, once I actually got into the pool I could do the water aerobics, balance stances and stretching which were wonderful!

Follow that with a trip to the hot tub and my knees were in heaven!

After a quick trip home for the wallet, I picked up a beautiful 6# boneless sirloin tip beef roast and some veggies to throw in the slow cooker and got my almonds, pecans, walnuts and finally, a dozen beautiful peach roses to put on my fall table. It looks lovely.

I think I'm going to try my hand at some pumpkin walnut butter and maybe some walnut scones this week. Making them might help to keep my mind off things I have no control over anyway and they'll make the whole house smell great!

I need to finish the rest of my lower body workout, move to the upper, decide what I want to have for dinner and then settle in for a relaxing Sunday evening.

Sa Ta Na Ma Meditations and tea before bed and I'm hoping I'll sleep like a baby!
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