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Katy Perry Is Inspiring Me to Persist

Sunday, September 16, 2018

You know how I was on a streak of being so excited to go workout that I didn't procrastinate at all? Yeah, that's over. This morning, I was feeling tired, stressed out and so over this whole fitness thing. How did I finally get my tush out the door? I went to youtube and watched Katy Perry's Olympic version of "Rise," which I have blogged about before because it just has such an impact on me. My dear friend Katy (Don't know her) reminded me "I won't just survive, no you will see you me thrive." Oh girl how I love those words! Later she added, "I must stay conscious, through the madness and chaos." That Katy. How did she know I felt like I was dealing with madness and chaos lately? It's like she reads my mind and knows what to say.

One of the newscasters in the video reminded me, "Champions, they rise up!" Yes, that is right. It is not about how many times we fall, but how many times we dust ourselves off and get up. Katy chimed in, "Just fight it, just fight it...and be transformed." Yes, keep fighting and the transformations do come-the body, the mind, the tummy, the tush...all of it happens if we keep fighting and pushing!

You know there are a lot of forces out there pulling me away from reaching my goals, from life stresses to food pushers and sabotagers to thyroid issues, but they won't stop me. When I think it's hopeless or as Katy says "when the vultures all start circling......you think the final nail is in (of the coffin...metaphor for giving up perhaps?), think again, don't be surprised...I will still rise."

Thanks to Miss Katy I went to the rec center, ran for longer than before, worked with weights, and pushed hard. Then I went to my favorite grocery store and created a salad extraordinaire and got some Japanese sweet potatoes (one of my favorite little snackys between meals).

I am seeing progress and I will:

***Coming soon....another blog entry about how the group Imagine Dragons inspired me (and my son) to do...whatever it takes! You've been warned...If you hated this entry...that one will just as cheesy :).

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