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morning cuppa spark - update and mary's mini

Sunday, September 16, 2018

so we've been home a few days, battling jet lag and the vestiges of the wretched cold. got on the scale the day after we came home and weight was beyond "scream weight." i'd been toying with the idea of a "diet" called mary's mini - referring to mary mcdougall, wife of dr. mcdougall of the starch solution. the basics are you choose a carb - potatoes or rice or corn or well, a few other things and eat that, in my case i've chosen potatoes, with some non-starch vegetables, for all meals and snacks for a week or 10 days, depending on where you read. you are also supposed to eliminate coffee, tea, alcohol, bread, and just about everything else besides the basic starch and the veggies. well, i'm not about to give up my coffee or tea, but what i really really want(ed) to do is a) get a break from wine, b) give up the bread and cracker and snack carbs and c) see if i can improve my blood pressure which has always been a tad high despite my excellent plant-based diet and exercise. and did i mention that DH LOVES potatoes and always complains that i don't serve them enough?

the idea is to trigger weight loss from a plateau, or just start weight loss if that is what you need. now, i was not real happy about my scream weight, though i realize that travel weight = water weight) and thought this would be a good way to kick start - and to distract myself from the wine and snack time that is responsible for.. .well, it isn't good.

(here is a link describing it in detail: www.brandnewvega

we are on day three now - and DH is in potato heaven. he likes (loves!) everything i prepared. the first day i "baked" 6 potatoes in the instant pot, which i have served for breakfast mashed up on a bed of fresh spinach and arugula, topped with pico de gallo, and a vegan cheese sauce based on potatoes and carrots that is out of this world delicious. i've made a potato soup with green chilis, and a potato and bok choy soup where you could just slurp the garlic and ginger and soy infused broth, it is so good. oh - scalloped potatoes with a variation of the potato/carrot nacho type cheese (vegan). all no-oil, and all keepers.

the results so far - down 2.8 lbs since starting on the potatoes (ti had already dropped a bit of the water weight from travel), and i am actually pretty much at goal now, but would like to drop slightly under. no wine (or accompanying snacks) for two days - and survived. and best of all - my BP was 145/85 the first day - today, day 3, 118/80. DH says it's the potatoes:-) i'll see it through the 7 days, and then try to limit the wine and snacks. i've still followed my basic beck rules (the actual point of the diet is to break some of the habits that i have long ago broken via beck), so in my case, it really is the distraction to cut out the things that i know i need to cut out.

meanwhile, DH is slowly recovering. we are walking about 2 miles at a time, and i finally hit 15,000 steps again - though it will be a while before we get into serious speed walking or running. jet lag is easing up - i am back on my usual weird schedule of getting up in the night, and going back to sleep for a few more hours in the morning. tonight will be the first night with the alarm since june.

claire, of course, is thrilled to be home!

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