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Sunday, September 16, 2018

How quickly plans can change. I was adamant that today would be a 'jammies' day for me. Well, I've showered and am dressed! Tired as I feel, I just had to dress this morning.

For those who wouldn't know ... my niece has been coming over about every other day and we've been working on two things in my apt. Giving it a Fall cleaning (deep cleaning) and also de-cluttering my bedroom drawers and closet. And oh my, what a load of work we took on!!

I have donated many bags of clothes and things to a thrift shop and have a bag my son's wife wants to sort through and take some to Cuba to donate and her volunteer group sends clothes to Africa. So, my clothes are doing more traveling than I ever did! I'm so happy they're all going to be used well.

So yesterday we washed up fresh, all the clothes that I'm keeping, the ones in drawers and those in closet that can be washed, not dry cleaned. I have two big laundry baskets full of tops, both warm weather and cold weather ones that I have to sort out today and put in the proper drawers. Same with closet, I keep my clothes sorted, the present season ones on the right, others on the left.

But enough about all this, there are other things going on in my life also.

Our little Hazel is now 1 year old and it is making me wonder where that year went to! She can pull herself up to everything now and takes steps all over but only if hanging onto something. She is not walking alone yet but only needs more confidence to do so. Her parents have made sure she has experienced various adventures in her first year ... picnics, swimming, zoos, theme parks, seems she hasn't missed out on anything.

I have not spent time with my sister in a while and hope to really soon. Her husband has been unable to drive since June and that makes it difficult for us to get together. We've seen each other since June but just not as often as we'd like.

Other news, my oldest daughter Denise turns 62 this Thursday! Now, I really don't know where those years have gone and nope, doesn't make me feel any older, I stay young alongside of my kids, lol.

Had enough? I can't think of anything else to blog about anyway, lol, so I'll quit while I'm ahead. Except to say I'm doing much better, actually better all the time with my eating healthy, I'm getting away from what isn't good for my body and it has taken me several decades to come to that! :-)

Enjoy your Sunday everyone, try to keep it a Happy and Healthy one!


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