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Sunday, September 16, 2018

It happened. I fell off the wagon. Off plan, but not off exercise.

Today, I dust off the food journal and track again.

Brilliant sabotage but not forever. I said yes to dh’s Chinese food run. Thought veggies and fried rice would be ok, not derail me. Wrong. Cravings set in and won out and yesterday I even had meat for the first time in over a month. A Starbucks frappachino, Culver’s cheese curds, soft pretzels. These things are a big no!

It’s back to Whole Foods for me. A 21 day push to the start of the fall 5% challenge. I want to begin where I left off or in better shape. I’ve got personal and business trips coming up, so I will pause the elimination diet, but not healthy eating.

I’ve been reading about our gut microbiome and how the bacteria influences absorption of calories, weight loss efforts, and more. Some of the studies are interesting too. For example if you cook rice and let it cool and reheat it later, it causes blood sugar to spike less. Interesting. I like this as I cook and freeze brown rice portions to grab later with veggies.

Until I read “The Clever Gut diet” by Dr. Michael Mosley I did not know “60% of feces is made up of bacteria from the colon.” Nor did I know “The microbes that live in the colon are mainly bacteria, but there are also some fungi, viruses, and simple, primitive Protozoa.” We are hosts to many creatures, some not yet discovered.

Each of our bodies is different and I think the better we understand how they work and what makes us healthier, causes fatigue, energizes us, or improves our mood is a win-win. I want to thrive as I age. Educating myself is one way I work towards this goal. Being conscious of how my body reacts to its fuel is another.
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