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where have I been ??

Sunday, September 16, 2018

now that's a real question .. because I certainly haven't been far other than a couple hours away camping with dear friends middle of August ..
we have had the keys for our house in the city 1.5 months .. my husband loves it .. he is already planning a shop in the yard to accommodate his tools , equipment and entertaining area ..
as for me ..
well I did have a couple of my girlfriends come help me paint the garage .. ( it had never been touched in the 20 years since it was built .. ) I'm pretty good with a roller or a small brush for trimming but to be honest to complete the job would have probably taken me until Christmas eve with my wrist needing to take a break so often ..
the garage looks and smells new .. its almost empty too .. until we go back to the farm today and I load up my Christmas stuff amazing tree that turns .. she's 6 feet high so will fit nicely in the living room .. my husband has detested this tree for years .. and flatly refused to help me move it until I begged .. ( just one more year .. please... ) to sit and relax while the tree turns ..( I decorate it with the usual Christmas decorations but I also have pictures full of love .. of us .. our kids .. grandkids and animals .. I am grateful I get one more year .. ( probably have owned it for 12 years now .. its an American tree .. Hersbergers .. on sale in January one year .. still remember the day we bought it .. then had to wait 10 months to open the box .. it has been a love affair of me and tree ever since .. :)
how does this house make me feel??
SHORT .. very short ..
the people we bought from who built this house certainly built it for them .. both over 6 feet tall ..
shower heads .. even thermostats to see properly .. don't even ask about the ceiling fans ..
the kitchen livening room and dining area the ceilings are 14 feet high or more.. yes that spacious airy feeling .. makes me feel insignificant .. so my mission has been to soften the harsh angles and height with plants .. fabric, pictures and rugs .. I'm getting there .. one room at a time ..
but everywhere I go there is a reminder of the previous owners .. yesterday 8 feet off the floor .. there was a shoe horn .. wow that made me giggle .. to bend over .. use the shoe horn .. put your shoes on then casually set it on the very top shelf of the closet .. these people were giants .. yes I laughed out loud

here I am dragging a mini ladder every where I go .. I am going to graduate to a three step even because two just doesn't cut it ..
even in the garage to turn off the light at the work bench .. both my husband and I need a stool .. I know I'm vertically challenged at 5'3" but he's 5'9" and still struggles ..

little by little I am changing the energy of bleak and serious .. to warm and magical .. funny how peoples personalities stick around after they have moved ..
my friend "little bird" .. has been helping me clear their energy ..

so to tally up the family and their reaction to this house and beautiful yard ..
hubby is in love .. period

me ..about 50% .. I'm getting there .. but still miss my home on the farm .. I am cooking up a storm .. ( I don't think these people cooked much ) .. lots of music and energy clearing .. cleaning and painting ..
forcing myself on this stuck up house ..
yes that is how it makes me feel .. now I'm smiling big time ..
this house has that drown in a rainstorm kinda feeling .. its just a little bit better than me .. well dear house I will show you how to drop down to a realistic soft and loving nature .. !!

the cat .. Bilbo Baggins .. is in heaven ... loves this house .. for the first time in 2.5 years she allowed outside every night because on the farm I had two shop cats that probably would have put the run on her ( first time she stayed out two days and nights ) .. but since then she goes out at bed time and meows to come in in the morning .. yes she is in heaven ..

the dog .. Sparky .. he's getting there but super confused .. there really isn't an access he can come into if he's wet or has dirty feet other than the garage ..
he's kinda like me .. out of sorts .. he had his area that he loved .. it was cozy and warm .. he could go to the garage if he wanted but because his area was off the entrance to the house ( under the stairway that went to the second floor ) he was close .. he could hear us but wasn't under foot .. a 160 pound pup was never meant to be on the couch or laying on the rug .. or was he??
he's gotten so spoiled if he can't see his poppa( his master) he panics .. loses his mind .. needless to say he's forgotten everything he ever knew ...
so dear friends the dog and I need to find our "spot" here ..

this house feels the best when its full of company .. yes it does ..
that's another thing .. there aren't any windows that face the street .. other than a small one in the front door and the ones in the two bedrooms that face north ,, all the other windows face the back yard .. its nice .. very nice .. but just feels to me a tad "out of balance"
there's the feeling .. yes ..I usually can find myself when I write ( I haven't journaled as I usually did every day .. wow .. why ?? I haven't found " my spot " .. I'm missing my God corner .. well there I have created my work for today .. Make a spot for me ..
my God corner furniture is down stairs .. ( i really don't like basements .. I really don't .. ) so perhaps I might have to beg once more to have my furniture switched with the upstairs stuff ..
Oh how I hate to have to beg .. or perhaps I will bring "my chair " from my office at work .. that might me simpler .. wide armed mission chair .. can handle my coffee/ tea on one wide arm .. and my journal on the other .. yes dear friends .. you have helped me solve another issue ..
with your help I will get my balance back and truly find "my spot "

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    A new and exciting does take some adjusting to find your niche but I have full faith in you that you will get there and love it once it all comes together! emoticon
    146 days ago
    You have been up to a lot of work!
    Good to hear from you! emoticon
    Thanks for sharing! emoticon
    152 days ago
    Hang in there, my dear, and remember: We get rained on last. Being short has its advantages, too! You arel slowly making this place your own! BTW - I hate begging, too. Ask once, maybe twice. If it doesn't happen, call your son or a big friend and get 'er done. Screw begging! emoticon
    154 days ago
    155 days ago
    We just moved a few months back. I still have not found my spot inside, but I love the porch outside where I can watch all the birds and wildlife. Maybe I have not found my spot because I have been spending so much time outside.
    One thing we need to do is paint the inside, so dark from top to bottom. Might cheer it up when I do that. Glad your friends helped you paint the garage. emoticon
    155 days ago

    I love your blog and catching up with what you've been up to lately!
    God bless your home...and all of the people within it.
    155 days ago
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