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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Anyone remember the book “The Neverending Story”? ( I think the book was way better than the movie, but that’s just my book snobbery showing). Sometimes I think of this healthy lifestyle journey should be called the neverending journey... at least for me it seems like one. I don’t mean that in the sense of an interminable, dreadful slog... but rather an ongoing (often exciting) series of discoveries and opportunities for growth. Not that it’s all joy and happiness! Nope. That’s an unrealistic expectation. There are tears, self recriminations, frustrations, maybe even a bit of anger mixed up in there, but the end result is generally a stronger, more resilient, healthier person. Is it worth the work, the effort, the sweat, and tears? Absolutely. At least for me it has been thus far. Sure, I have reached maintenance weight, been at maintenance weight for a number of years, but the process of learning to live a healthier lifestyle continues. Road blocks and issues arise that would have sent me into a tailspin (or a binge) in the past, but with the resources and support of friends here on Spark I have generally been able to move through them without reverting back to those seductive bad habits of old. Not that I am perfect, far from it! I slip up still on occasion. But I don’t beat myself up. I stop. Pause a moment. Take the next opportunity to make a healthier decision and try to get back on track right away. I don’t wait until Monday, or next week, or after some event. Nope. I make a less than sterling decision, I acknowledge it, and try to make the very next one a healthier choice. If I put it off, it’s far too easy to keep putting it off! Tomorrow never actually arrives... it’s always today. And I can’t change the past, much as I might wish I had that ability at times, so all I can do is move on, and onwards, and onwards... on this neverending journey...
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