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FitProgress - Day 6 - Treadmill - Flexibility

Friday, September 14, 2018

Today’s word of the day is FLEXIBILITY. Flexible in my life, my schedule and my body. That is what I spent most of my time reflecting on while doing yoga... that and kinda not much of nothing... praise be... hahaha! Don’t know, Yoga was all over the place in my mind from deep thoughts, to really much about nothing, to the way my body felt, to slightly dipping into deep meditation, to the spider or tiny mouse or just big dust bunny that zipped under my couch out of the corner of my eye as I was vacuuming (ahhhhhhhhh - kept looking for something to pop out at me while doing yoga), or my cat playing with my ponytail while doing yoga, little bugger - did I mention we got two kitties when we moved?!? Brothers. The sweetest boys ever! Love them ever so much already. I should share a picture, but darn phone don’t let me. Anyways... SQUIRREL! So back to my main focus and topic of flexibility. I like routines, structure, order. I try to be fairly organized, with a place for everything and everything in its place. I try to plan my workout schedule like that too. False sense of control... yah know... ;) So... my goal this week was to do the threadmill Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri with Wednesday and the Weekend off. Started off good, but then TOM came and I just needed to take Thursday off too. It was really hard to get myself on there today too, but I just started doing and I’m already somewhat coasting once I start gearing myself to get ready to get going, so that’s good. Took quite a while for the body to loosen up and not feel tight or like something might snap... ha! :/ But I still pushed myself, none the less, finally the adrenaline or whatever you call it kicked in, and I started to feel good, strong and mighty, even if only for a couple minutes before I felt near death... kidding, kinda. I honestly can’t believe how hard all the last few years stress has been on my poor poor body. Anyways... FLEXIBILITY!!! I am not beating myself up for not sticking to my original schedule, plan, goal, what have you. I got 3 days in last week, 3 days in this week (although my goal was 4), knocked another 30 secs off my mile (so about 6 mins off since Day 1), where I actually spent more time warming up and cooling down - so the time in between was a little more effort and maintained 4.5 and especially 4.0 for much longer. And... seeing progress in my flow and movement in Yoga... stretching feels really good, not deathly tight and awful... therefore... MORE FLEXIBLE... ;) Okay, that’s it for now. Really need to write a blog about my food intake... enjoy your weekend all. _______ FitProgress Wee
k 1 • Day 1 - Wed - 21.98 mins Treadmill (1 mile), 15 mins Restorative Yoga • Day 2 - Thurs - 19.21 mins Treadmill (1 mile), 20 minutes Restorative Yoga • Day 3 - Fri - 18.06 mins Treadmill (1 mile), 25 mins Restorative/Meditative Yoga SHAKE!!! :) Week 2 • Day 4 - Mon - 17.52 mins Treadmill (1 mile), 15 mins Restorative Yoga with Cardio Cool Down • Day 5 - Tues - 16.44 mins Treadmill (1 mile), 5 mins Cardio Cool Down w/Yoga SHAKE, 15 mins Restorative Yoga • Day 6 - Fri - 16:10 mins Treadmill (1 mile), 25 minutes Confused BUT more FLEXIBLE Yoga... lol.
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