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Inspiration! Weight Loss is 99% Mental

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

I read an interesting article today by Stephen Ringo, who lost a lot of weight and chronicled it on YouTube to keep on keeping on. Today, this paragraph from the article really struck a note with me.

"Weight loss is 99 percent mental, so if your mind is in the game, you will succeed. The remaining 1 percent is what you eat and what you do — 90 percent of which is diet. Weight is lost in the kitchen, not the gym. Exercise is important for overall health and fitness ability, but not strictly for weight loss. Early on you should focus your efforts on your mental game and on diet planning.

Allow yourself to cheat every now and then. This journey is a long one, and you will need a cheat meal every now and then to preserve your sanity. Keep in mind that a cheat meal is one meal and not an entire day.

Pre-plan your meals for each week, and set up your grocery shopping list before you go. This helped me to avoid impulse buys or the temptation to buy “bad“ items. I found meal prepping to be extra beneficial throughout the week. By preparing all of my meals in one day, I could avoid the hassle of cooking night-to-night and thus the temptation to eat out.

Don’t allow yourself to give in to impatience. You did not get overweight overnight (though it can definitely seem that way), and you also won’t get fit overnight. Trying to rush the process is what leads to eating disorders. The journey is long and can be frustrating when the scale is not working with you. You have to find a way to trust the process and allow it to take the time it needs in order to realize the results you want. I still struggle with patience myself, but over the last two years I have gotten better about this, and hopefully you will as well.

There is nothing magical or mystical about weight loss, or any of us who have succeeded in losing the weight. You are just as capable of this as the rest of us, and many of us are willing to help you on your path. Remember, success in weight loss and in life is not about perfection; it’s about winning more days than you lose."

Right now I'm focusing on the one-day-at-a-time approach and getting into the groove of my keto plan. Just eat this, not that. I'm planning to do zero carbs for 2 weeks I'm only at day 3 but I've stocked my house, am food journaling and getting in stride.

I know, though, that I will need to address those inner issues that capture me. But I'm beginning to feel aligned on the path. Perhaps Stephen's words will support you too.

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