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#7 Hangover vs Empowerment

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Today I am feeling particularly good about myself, having yesterday done something I have never done before -- something I didn't believe I COULD do.

I served my husband and a dinner guest a meal, without eating with them. Instead, I ate my own food earlier. After I served them their food, I did sit at the table with them. My guest asked, "Aren't you eating with us?" I told him I had already eaten and that I was keeping a close watch on my food these days. It was no problem. The conversation turned to something else, and we moved on.

I even served them apple pie with ice cream for dessert, and surprised myself how little it bothered me.
I enjoyed my luscious peach instead.

Always in the past, I have let my personal food plan go when we had guests.
I felt it was a requirement for being a good hostess.
I was wrong.
Also, I did not want to deny myself the goodies that I was serving to guests.
I thought it would be impossible -- or at least very uncomfortable -- to do.
I was wrong about that, too.

Usually the day after having company, I am unhappy with myself, regretting what is on the scale, and promising yet again to get back on track.
It feels much like a HANGOVER -- "discomfort following overindulgence."

Today, though, my feelings are the exact opposite of a hangover.
I feel pleased with myself and happy with what I saw on the scale this morning.
I learned that I can do something that I never thought I could do.
So I will do it again.

Today I am feeling triumphant and EMPOWERED -- "made stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life."

And this feels really good!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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