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My recipe for Shrimp Alfredo Shells

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Ingredients: -Bag o' mixed veggies (Broc, peas, carrots, onions) (I bought lightly preseasoned) -Bag o' corn (I use organic) -Bag o' frozen onions (I preslice, bag, and toss in the freezer when I meal prep) -grapeseed oil (olive oil works too but you can heat grapeseed oil to high temps) -Bag of frozen cooked jumbo shrimp (I buy devined, shelled with tail on) -Sm. Bag/box of shell pasta -Jar of Bertoli (sp. error?) Basil Alfredo Directions: 1) Pour about 1 TBSP of grapeseed oil into lrg. nonstick skillet 2) Turn heat to High 3) Put frozen shrimp into large container. Cover with HOT water (I let the faucet go until it steams then use that water) 4) Pour full contents of mixed veggie bag, corn, and onion into the skillet. Put a lid on it and forget about it(NOT REALLY! :) 5) Put water in a pot (enough to cover the shells. Turn on burner to high. Place shells in pot and put on burner. Put top on and let the food cook for a few minutes (say 8 minutes) 6) While that's going detail the shrimp. Rinse them 2X. Be sure there all no shell/tail parts 7) Stir the veggies. & Turn it down to med high 8) By now the water should be fully going on the pasta, give it a stir. 9) Toss the shrimp on the veggies, pour in a tad more oil (1/2TBSP), give it a stir. 10) Once pasta has absorbed all the water, it's done. No need to drain, be careful not to burn. Shake the jar of sauce & pour over veggies. 11). Give the veggies a stir and add in pasta to veggies or veggies to pasta (Your choice!) 12). Enjoy! It's delicious!!! :)
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