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#5 A good day

Monday, September 10, 2018

It is a good day.

The scale remained at the new low number this morning. (Sometimes, it will tease me with the low number for a day, then jump up again the next day.)

It is low again today because yesterday I started eating just HALF of each serving throughout the day: half of a bagel that my husband brought home for breakfast, and only one meatball of the two that were served at my mid-aftenoon meal. Each time I found that half of the serving filled me sufficiently, with no need for more.

I just had one of my favorite breakfasts of 1/2 avocado on whole wheat toast, with fresh lemon juice squeezed on top, with a few baby carrots on the side.

The weather is cool, and it's raining, so my walk this morning will be at the gym, where I can look out the window at trees.
On the treadmill, I will listen to an audible version of Circe by Madeline Miller; it must be read in time for the discussion at my book group on Thursday.

Later today, I will do some re-reading of my camera's manual, to be sure I understand every part of the camera and how it works. This is the first assignment of an online photography course I am taking.

This afternoon, my ophthalmologist will give me one final check-up to see that the mild case of shingles that I had in my left eye has been successful healed with the steroid eye drops I have been taking for a month.

Tomorrow morning, the local camera group that I facilitate will be going on a photo shoot to capture pictures of our beautiful town, that will be included in an exhibit at the library this winter.

And finally, I have two pots of homemade soup in the refrigerator, to be enjoyed this afternoon with some Italian bread.

That soup will taste especially good, while it is raining outside.

I am wishing all of you a good day too -- filled with interesting activities, healthful eating, and a sense of satisfaction with yourself.

There is a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: "With a new day comes new strength and new thoughts."

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