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Happy Thursday !!! Back still hurting, but I'm pushing through it .. It's NOT taking me down!

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Yesterday was a good day .. but a quiet day .. kinda .. lol .. I had plans to just rest and take care of my back .. well -- mommy threw a tennis shoe into that one .. lol .. I had to bite the bullet, because about 9:30 mom called, and asked if I could take her to the doctor .. She forgot to make the reservation the day before with the Silver Streaks (senior taxi) .. and they were all booked as of yesterday morning .. so she called secondary silver streaks .. lol .. Thankfully hubby was off on his money run, and I decided to stay home .. so I got myself ready, and prayed the ibuprofen would kick in ..

Thankfully I think it was the best thing for me, because I worked out the rickets; and just my shoulder and neck hurt, and then other end hurt .. but the other end seemed to be coming out as sciatic ...

I made an extra stop after dropping mom off, and then ran to Joanne and get some more material .. I'm going to work on another quilt, as I have leftover squares, and I have a plan as to what I'm planning to do .. now just need to find the time .. and since summer is coming to a close, Mr E will start slowing down .. :) (he hibernates during the colder weather .. I come to life .. lol) I don't think finding time will be a problem .. and if I don't get it done by Thanksgiving time, I'll just make it for my friend for her birthday .. in January !!! :) I got 2 more cuts of material .. Rusty red stone washed, and golden beige stone washed.. :)

I got home and washed up my new cuts of material, and came downstairs and sat .. and sat .. and sat ..

I got home and hubby bought me a present .. and I LOVE it !!! especially with the colder weather coming up .. Those of you that have read my blogs on a normal basis, know my love of Unicorns, and their symbolizm in my life..

Unicorns are playful creatures and are extremely playful when I exercise .. the more I exercise, the more they come out and play .. They are full of minx, and mischief .. which kinda discribes me .. they are my "symbol" of success .. Happiness and activity ...

Well -- hubby has a body snuggle suit created after a show he enjoyed .. "Ted, the Thunderbuddy" .. and well -- because he's pretty much cold blooded, he wears it alot ..Now I have one ..

Even with a tail .. lol lol .. and it is warm .. I'm going to have comfort come the cold weather .. (our home isn't well insulated .. lol) I love it, and it is snuggly soft !!!! :) and it's a UNICORN !!!! However, someone should tell them that Pegasus have wings, Unicorns don't .. however, I'm not arguing .. I got a snuggle suit !!! :)

But yesterday wasn't the day to wear it .. at the time I was chilled because I had to walk out to the back 40 to dump something, and was wet when I came in .. so it felt good for a little while and long enough to get pictures .. lol lol lol .. I have my UNICORN cuddle.. :)

Otherwise I sat .. and sat ... and sat some more .. so mom calling was a blessing .. I enjoyed watching my little hummers ballet outside my window .. :)

I FINALLY got 2 of them together .. :)

At one time we had 5 of them enjoying the fruits of my feeders .. :) but with the rain, the bees weren't overtaking the feeders either .. Hubby said we could put wasp catchers out, but I told him these weren't wasps, but honey bees, and they were just trying to survive like the hummers were .. Every once in a while when the bees get too obnoxious, I go out with a glass of water, and splash them away so the hummers have a chance ... but for the most part both critters work together .. :)

But there was one little guy that was taking over the roost .. :) and he was fun to watch .. There was one time that he took off from his roost and went nose to nose with a honey bee, and well -- the ballet ensued .. and there were other times that other hummers came in obnoxious and he went after them, and came back landing like a little hawk on his perch .. If the hummers came in quietly or calmly; he was fine with them .. but if they came in with their normal gusto .. he cut them short to the quick .. lol lol .. It was just entertaining to watch .. I think I had my tv on just for the noise .. lol ..

So --- my day was quiet ... I'm happy to hear that hubby will be going golfing with his friends this afternoon .. I'm hoping to play around the house, after going with hubby to have a brat at Costco where he and his friend are meeting up ... :) And tomorrow he's going out with the whole group of guys that we hung around with years ago .. so I have a couple days yet ..

I'm going to work on walking out this sciatica; and get on with my day .. I want to play in my playroom with the coasters I'm whipping up .. and once they are done, then I can work on the second quilt .. I didn't realize I had this much of that doggy material .. I almost picked up a quilters roll but thought against it .. Should have because I have a 50% coupon, and I'm having soooo much fun ..

None the less, it sounds like I've got 2 days of quiet left .. :) I'm kinda liking this !!! :)

Anyway --- I'm hurting but not letting it pull me down !!! I will get better !!! I will work it out .. could it be that I've been sitting too much again and my walking on Tuesday .. not only being thrown off kilter with not wearing socks in my shoes; and my shoes rubbing, and well- sitting .. this is like I had when I was working and "sat" most of my day .. So -- I'm thinking with my concentration so hard on the quilt .. created more sitting than I have been doing since I left work .. So -- thinking that has something to do with this as well ..

With that being said.. I wish everyone a great GREAT day !!! the sun is out here in Wisconsin, and the temperatures have dropped, and I'm opening up the house !!!!!!! WOOHOO !!!!!!!
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