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Monday, September 03, 2018

I know, I know. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve blogged. Still dealing w/estate matters. Dad passed in August, 2017, so while I was busily getting finances taken care of to make sure Mom’s needs were met (I made that promise to Dad that I’d always take care of her, and believe me – I would NOT want to be struck by the thunderbolt that would come my way if I didn’t!) Mom passed in November, 2017. So the estate became complicated. ON the good side, HOPEFULLY things will be all wrapped up by September.

Getting past all the “firsts” – first holidays w/o my parents and Mr. Spot, birthdays, anniversaries – that’s been tough, but I just always remember Dad’s words to me – “Don’t grieve (well that’s kinda impossible!), but fill that hole in your heart w/happy, joyous memories.” That’s what I’ve tried to do!

My son John and his family (my daughter-in-love Karlee and grandson Rylund) moved from Alaska to stay with us here in WI till they found a place of their own in July. Umm . . . BUSY HOUSE. But lots of love! Joyous event!!

Annnnd now it’s time to face the music that left knee replacement has to be done. It has needed that for a while but just impossible with family responsibilities. NOW it’s happening. Always a new adventure!

I am going to have my left knee replaced on 12 September. That will mean Jas and I will travel 5 hrs. to Mayo Clinc, have pre-op check up on 11 September and surgery the next day on the 12th. I had my pre-surgical evaluation on 09 August and the surgeon asked, “Are you ready to have the knee done?” Lord, give me the tools and I’ll do it myself.” Alright, pretty well established, then, that conservative measures aren’t working. Right. Check. Uh huh!

So, life will begin anew with two bionic knees (had the right one replaced in 2007). Lots of hard rehab post op, but I’ll do the work because that will ensure good results.

Maybe life will become more normal? Ummmmm . . . probably not. Mom always told me NORMAL is just a setting on the dryer, dear. I have to believe her on that.

I hope that all of you out there who are dealing with losses and other issues can find the time to really take care of YOU. Love YOU. It makes such a difference in our mental and physical state!

HUGS to all of you. If you are the praying kind and have some to spare, it would be much appreciated for my health care team and I! I may not be on SP for awhile, but rest asured, each of you will be on my mind! Keep moving forward!!!
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