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morning cuppa spark - a gift

Monday, September 03, 2018

yesterday was yet another gift of a day. we would have, should have, been heading to the airport. instead, it was a perfect laundry-hanging day.

i've figured out a routine here - how to get my 15,000 steps. our "adventures" have been on hold while DH was ill (and yes, he is definitely recovering), so i had a formula - each morning i power walk 3 miles, making sure my pace is under 17 mph, as close to 15 mph as i can. if i manage a stroll down to the water in a break it adds a bit and shortens the afternoon walk; usually by the time 5 pm rolls around i need another 5000 miles, give or take. and then i take off in the other direction. sometimes with music, sometimes a podcast. sometimes reading news - or my latest novel - on my iPhone. (i keep an eye on the white line at the edge of the road, listen for cars, haven't walked into anything yet:-). a couple of times i had a nice long chat with DD as we both walked.

food planning, as always, by morning coffee. i usually make enough food for two days, if not three, so there are overlapping leftovers. works for me... two favorites yesterday - vegan mac and cheez (sauce made from white beans, no oil WFPB), and my favorite quickie meal here - a large bag of frozen "wok" vegetables cooked up in soy sauce, sambal, and hoisin sauce, tofu, and brown rice. and guess what - those are today's meals too.

and sleep - oh that is one of the best things this summer. no alarm clock!! living in the same time zone as my clients does not require me to get up in the wee hours of the morning, unless i am chasing deadly lions (deadlines) and there aren't enough hours in the day. and a few times i have slept as much as 7 hours, once even 8 (rarely happens). commonly around the 6 hour mark. unfortunately, i often pay for the longer nights of sleep by difficulty falling asleep. oh well. sleep deficit takes over the next day.

unfortunately, i seem to be coming down with the crud, though i think it will be milder than DH's case. he is definitely heading for "himself" again. taking it easy and not walking beyond the immediate area, down to the water and back. puttering in the garden. he had his camera out for the first time. this is good.

so we have our extra week here now - a gift. a few extra days of swedish sunshine. and peace.

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