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Happy Saturday .. Wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL day yesterday !!! Have a great one today!

Saturday, September 01, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

For the laziness I had on Thursday, we were active on Friday .. He suggested going to the Milwaukee Zoo, and I never turn that down .. :) and didn't yesterday .. It was Seniors day .. and yes was crowded, but it was fun people, and they had zoo people around to answer questions .. as well as "senior" booths .. AARP, Senior homes, insurance .. etc etc etc .. but we visited them anyways .. (and got free stuff .. lol)

They also had Bingo set up; and we went to play a few games .. I WON !!!! I got a $5 gift card from Culvers .. :) (pretty good for free playing .. lol )

It was a beautiful day, and the sun was out and the breeze felt good .. but it was getting warm by the time we left .. :) It was fun because we got to alot of the cages, when the animals were either getting fed, or when they were awake and playful .. :)

We went out to the deck when they left the bonobos out (looks like chimps but not) .. and there were zoo people out there to answer questions and talk about the individuals .. The matriarc of the group that came out was 52 years old ... (just celebrated her birthday on August 28th) .. her son was 28, and her daughter was 25 .. there was a tiny little one and he was already 2 years old .. from her one daughter .. :) it was cool .. they have a run and they can bring out multiple families, as there are gate partitions within the run .. so for safety sake, they can keep them separated .. but social .. It was interesting .. and fun to see them out amungst the trees .. :) I had never been there when the deck was open before.. :)

After we made it through the monkey house, we went back to the promo tables, and got our goodies .. the lines had decreased drastically since when we came in, so there was no lines, and we could go through to see what they had to offer ..

and then we went through the zoo .. and the animals were active .. so it was fun !!!! There are some new things since the last time we were there .. :) I got some cool photos .. Here's my tour .. :)

Yup .. that's hubby -- I finally got him to turn around, only to find that I was standing in front of traffic in the parking lot waiting for him to turn around .. lol lol .. (whoops) .. :)

The Jellyfish in the fish and lizard house ..

I think this was the ringtail lemur, but he was in the small mammal house ..

In the big cat house .. There were sister tigers in the enclosure, and the one as you can see was very cooperative with the camera .. The zoo lady told us that these 2 were sisters, and they went 340 pounds, while their brother is immense at 380 pounds .. and they were all still growing .. *WOW* ...

From there we went to the outside exhibit .. :) and saw the giraffes .. :)

The little one was born on mom's birthday .. May 15th, so she still seemed apprehensive being out in the park .. but was dwarfed by the rest of the group .. :)

And then went to the elephant exhibit .. and they were active as well .. very curious about all the activity on OUR side of the fence .. :)

We went to the new otter house, and they were active .. :)

On the way out we hit the bird house (at the beginning of the tour but everyone was hitting it when we first got there .. so we detoured .) .. and the flamingos were sooo pretty .. I want one of the feathers .. lol .. We kept telling ourselves "sunburned cranes" .. as they are from the south .. Actually they are Chilean, and Brazilian .. the light color is Brazilian, and the dark color is Chilean .. :)

So that was our tour of the zoo .. and when we left, I was at 9600ish steps, and I was hurting ... I confess .. Hubby kept telling me that "we can always come back" .. and I thought "yea .. the next free day" .. It IS expensive to go to the zoo now a days, even though I understand the purpose behind it, it's alot to take a family now a days .. and now even free days; they took the parking off the street and you have to pay for parking .. but I LOVE the zoo !!!!! and enjoy every time we are there !!!!

We went to lunch at Burger King, and had a Whopper Jr, fries and soda .. (hubby had bogo coupon) and it was good, because I had had a more solid breakfast (to avoid any problems) I had had peanut butter, and banana on double fiber toast... and it stuck .. :)

We were just sitting there talking, and I was telling him how much I enjoyed the morning .. and how much I love the zoo .. and he proceeded to tell me, that he bought a Zoo pass .. where we can go as much as we want, and anytime .. not just free days .. and it's good for 4 shows as well .. If we go I think he said 3 times, we have our money back .. and it includes parking !!! BUT I have to go with him .. (*rolling eyes* .. Yea .. like THAT's a problem ... lol) .. He made mention that with all of the malls getting more and more ghost towns, walking areas are getting harder to find (well -- I can find plenty .. but I wasn't arguing here) .. I told him I LOVE to walk outside .. and I was just sooo surprised .. He was happy because I was so happy, and because he FINALLY surprised me ..

We got home, and I was doing some serious sore .. Yesterday was garbage day, so I took the garbage cans out back to spray them out; and I got that notible buzz on my wrist .. I know I had said a few days ago, that I'm not obsessing on exercise as much; because it switches a switch in my brain that says "eat more" .. but I have to admit .. the 10000 step wrist buzz really does make me feel good (as sore as I was .. lol)

I went upstairs to start working on a puzzle that we got through Shutterfly; and well -- it was going to easily, so I got the border set up, and a few pieces on the inside, and stopped, so I have some more that I can play with today and tomorrow .. :)

We were going to have pork chops for dinner, but they were still frozen, so we changed plans and had corn on the cob, and apple pie .. and that's pretty much where I stopped .. I was comfortably full, and while I was thinking about frozen grapes .. ummm nope .. I was comfortable ..(and tired, so I was probably just scrounging) ..

I slept pretty good, but think I'm getting an ear infection again .. it's been tender again .. however.. I'm not worrying about it .. (I have enough other ouches to think about as well .. lol good ouches .. lol)

This morning we're thinking of taking a ride down to Racine to the Jelly belly outlet store .. I'm out of my jelly beans ... and he likes to go there .. and they are talking about a clear time period between rains ..

Hoping my pork chops will be defrosted enough when we get home .. lol .. but we'll see .. :)

I'm not going over by mom's tomorrow, so I'm thinking I'll have time to do some laundry (his vacation laundry) and work on my quilt .. :)

So -- that's the life of Sally .. It was a wonderful day .. and I enjoyed every single minute of it !!!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful start to your Labor day weekend ... Stay safe, and have fun !!!!

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  • TWEDEE777
    Gotta love retirement!!
    170 days ago
    Glad you had a good day at the zoo!

    Enjoy the Jelly Belly factory!
    170 days ago
    Nice you got to go to the Milwaukee Zoo! Glad that the weather cooperated yesterday. It was beautiful!

    Lovely picture! Love the Elephants. How wonderful DH got a zoo pass for you!

    Have fun @ the Jelly Belly factory!

    170 days ago
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