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Friday, August 31, 2018

Even sick I can manage at least 10 minutes of exercise every day. And I have not missed a day for over 1500 days. Yes, one thousand, five hundred and one days and counting... and it has become such an ingrained habit that I don't foresee it stopping any time soon. It seems so simple. Just 10 minutes out of my day dedicated to movement. Every. Single. Day. Did you know you can do yoga in a hospital bed? or walk the halls with an IV pole? (I suppose it depends on the extent of your incapacitation...) PT exercises often mimic ST exercises (or ARE ST exercises, lol). Not that I have been sick the entire 1500+ days, mind you. I have had months (even years) when I have cruised through unaware of the next shoe that's going to drop, and I must admit that I probably have not been as grateful for those times in the midst of them, as I might have been.

Right now, mornings are my best time energy-wise. So, I walk the dog on his long walk first thing, often before dawn if the forecast calls for scorching Summer heat. Watching the sunrise has become a welcome experience for me (I cannot tell if the Cooper-dog gives a fig, or if he just wants to go, go, go!), and often I watch the moon setting as well. This is after I have gone for a solo walk (used to be a run, but I just can't right now) of various lengths and/or speeds. I get home from my solo walk and stretch, then wait for the dog to get up (or roust him out) to take him for his first walk. And then breakfast time for both of us when we get back. That routine there could be anywhere from 45 minutes to five hours! Depending on my mood, his mood, the weather conditions...

I used to be so sedentary. A lump. I had a nickname for a while "The bofa on the sofa"... from the Dr Seuss book... I just sat and read. and ate. If it came in a box or a bag, then I always ate the whole thing in one sitting. A family package of cookies, was the same as a single serve box of something. It was all the same thing to me. I just didn't pay attention. It was like I was moving through life half conscious (if that much!). And read a label? Measure a portion size? Why? What did it matter to me? What did it mean to me? Answer: It meant nothing to me, because I meant nothing to me. I don't neccesarily mean that I hated myself or anything like that. Just that I was in a fog and unaware. Oblivious.

So, why would I make the effort to move my body daily now, when I couldn't be bothered before. Part of it is the Sparkstreak. I have a bit of a competitive streak (it had been hidden for years, but I found out it still existed!), which I developed as a young girl, with two older brothers... a girl has to keep up with, or exceed those pesky brothers! Once that competitive edge got re-awakened I set out to best myself, and better myself in the process. I do not compete against others really anymore. But I can compete against myself continuously. And do I ever! I completed one streak of doing 2 or more hours of exercise every. single. day. for over 1000 days. I think that streak is what got me to goal weight to be honest. That kind of intensity on a daily basis can make a lot of things happen. By comparison 10 minutes a day seems pretty easy to me... these days. I am no longer the "bofa". I don't think I am oblivious any longer. I think I woke up. And part of waking up is not just drinking my cup of coffee, but taking a brisk walk, stretching, walking the dog... then having the cup of coffee and getting on with my day. I have found that the movement of my body fully wakens me better than a cup of coffee (most days... there are still some days that require a cup of coffee too)...

Another reason why now, and not before is that for some reason I made the choice to change. This is different than "waking up"... it is the precursor. A lot of us have friends who could theoretically benefit from Spark, but there is little point in shoving the information down their throats. They can look at you or I and see the changes and the positive effects on our health and lives. But until and unless they want those changes for their own lives and are truly ready to make the choice to change it is fruitless to do more than model the behavior and positive results. I know it worked that way for me. And the success stories I have read, and the friends I have made... it is the people who have truly decided that their health and wellness deserved to be a priority, and that living a healthier lifestyle in general was worth the effort and time investment... that have found true successes (reached goal, realized their dreams, achieved athletic feats, found relief from pain, etc) But it all started with making a choice...

Just as I have a choice today, tomorrow, the day after, and every day... to move my body. To eat healthier. To be awake and aware.

Just as you have a choice today, tomorrow, the day after, and every. single. day. to choose...

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