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Happy Wednesday ... day with mom today .. wish everyone a wonderful one !!!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

My day yesterday was pretty uneventful .. I went to Meijer to make a return, then went to the oil change place, getting there about 25 minutes early .. I told him I knew I was early, and there was no problem .. but he got Elsie in right away, and it was done actually just after my actual appointment was .. From there I ran to my suppliment store, and got a refill bottle of my morning vitamins .. :)

I went to the office, and well .. was there earlier than I anticipated .. and Kim got herself flustered .. she was just heading out to let her little dog out; and put her stuff back down, and her mood dropped .. I told her go out, go to lunch, and go let her dog out, because what I'm doing she doesn't have to be there ..

After having problems getting my computer up and running, and sorting through the paperwork; I finally came to a "cheaters" conclusion; and that gives me a few more weeks before I have to worry about it .. and hoping that my fix worked .. I figured that I would sneak in after hours one day, and run a utility; and double check everything .. before the next run .. I told her to wait until like the 5th-10th to balance out the account ..that gives time for all of the paperwork to come through and she can have the whole month in the account, before trying to balance ..

We'll see how that works .. I was there for 4 hours .. (11:30ish to 3:30ish) .. I got to say hi to Leonard, and I answered a few questions .. it felt like old home week .. Even though I would have rather been doing something else (like playing with my quilt) it felt good .. I even went over to Jimmy's office to say hi, when I got stumped .. I used to do that back in the day; and just talk jibberish .. and all of a sudden the light bulb would go on .. and it wasn't any different yesterday .. I would have done it with Linda (like we used to) but it was only her second day back, and she was a bit overwhelmed .. (she's learning how it is to take a vacation; and not come back and just step back in the role ... but play some catchup as well .. *evil grin here* .. lol)

I left there around 3:30ish; after saying my goodbyes, and it felt like normal again .. I almost called home to let hubby know I was coming home, and giggled to myself when I realized .. "old habits take time to change" .. lol

Just in time .. I got home, and the wind was starting to whip; while the rain hadn't started yet, it was coming could feel it .. so I was thankful that I cancelled my going out last night, and just came home .. There were warnings splattered all over .. but where I was on Monday is what got hit HARD last night .. My thoughts out to those people that got hit last night .. it was bad enough in the area, that the local weather people had full service as to explaining what was going on .. I watched that until I couldn't anymore .. all it was doing was making me more nervous ..

I had my pizza for dinner, and watched as my little hummers were flitting around the feeders and then like little torpedos flew against the wind with no problems .. They are strong little critters .. and made me feel better ..but I could feel my nerves growing, for the "unknown" .. they were focusing so much on the north, and I didn't know what was going on in our area .. and when we would get hit .. The wind was wicked outside, and I was watching a flag down the road, blowing so hard the pole was bending ..

I no longer have to be "brave" .. and normally hubby is home, and I can relax, because it's the old adage .. on a plane, during tough turbulence, you watch the flight attendants' .. and if they reflect nervousness (and I'm pretty good with body language .. have been studying it for years, and tells alot more than the mouth does) .. then it's time to worry, but if they are relaxed (to a point) .. we have nothing to worry about .. well -- it's the same with hubby during storms .. and while not much bothers him, (except the dumb boy stuff) .. it relaxes me .. and I used to have to be the strong one for puppy, because she would be beside herself during storms .. and I'd have to make myself calm; because I was the one she ran to ..but not anymore, and well ... obviously hubby wasn't home, and puppy didn't need comforting; so I could feel my nerves building ..

I finished my pizza I had made for myself, and was thankful I didn't eat the entire thing, but my normal "1/2" just like if hubby was home .. and put the other 1/2 in the fridge for this morning (a couple pieces for breakfast ... or my boost before going to get hubby, or I'll just leave it for hubby...) We'll see ... BUT .. I could tell I was getting nervous, because I wanted sweet.. I wanted something "wrong" .. I watched the wind whipping around, and I started to pace .. I wanted something sweet .. I thought .. Well .. while I know we have power, I would load up the dishwasher, and maybe that would stop this "want" .. the thought of not messing any more dishes .. I was even concerned of having my double fiber toast, with butter and jelly .. I was afraid the jelly would kick off a worse challenge than the one going on in my brain ..

I saw my banana's and thought .. okay -- that would be a safe start .. and I had one .. it worked, but barely .. I was still "wanting" .. and wasn't sure what I could or would find. If you have read my blog at all ... you'd know with my happy hubby; I could literally go into a sugar shock, if I got started .. To get healthy in this house .. Willpower is requirement .. lol lol

The banana worked .. but I was still pacing, wondering what was going on .. the weather had mellowed out, and the radar's that I looked at on my phone; it was destined to hit us by 9-10ish .. DARN ... another bad night sleep .... but I would deal with that when it came .. :)

FINALLY I walked around the house, and was still thinking of "what can I have thats will cut this sweet tooth .. " ... and 1 -- I did not turn toward cheat ice cream (not a weekend) I'm proud of myself for that .. and 2 -- I decided to go upstairs and work on my quilt .. (at least until 7 .. because my TV doesn't get channel 4 .. and I enjoy the AGT show)

Well -- once my hands were busy, and I could see the sky through the windows in the corner; I actually got everything sewn with the exception of 1 row ... I have 1 more row, and then the top is DONE, and I can concentrate on the rest .... so I was proud of myself for that .. I lost my want for sweet .. (until I got to bed and the time was getting closer... lol )

I went in the bedroom to watch my show; and came downstairs during the break to refill my water glass .. I got back upstairs, and looked at my phone, and mom had called, but didn't leave a message .. I called her back, and we laughed, and she said she misdialed .. I asked her who she was trying to call, and she told me "Bill" to tell him that "grampa is back" .. I asked her what she was talking about, and evidentally she "wound" grampa, and he came back again .. Grampa is a grandfather clock that daddy made back when I was only about 5 or so .. Mom, Bill and I worked on the face; and while he's had struggles, he IS almost 60 years old .. I think my brother had to change the tick tock in the back just after daddy passed, but brought it back to life .. and about a month ago; he got tired again .. and stopped .. Mom decided to try last night, and set his weights ... and he started ticking, and hasn't stopped again .. :) YAY GRAMPAS BACK !!!!!

We talked for a bit, which actually helped .. it calmed me down a bit; because it was fun talk, and giggle talk .. and all of a sudden when we were winding it up; she said "have a good day tomorrow" .. I asked "aren't you going with me??" .. she said "yea .. but you're going on Wednesday and today is only Tuesday" .. I kinda took a few seconds, and listened to her head working .. I said "Mom .. Wednesday comes after Tuesday" .. lol lol. and then the giggling started all over again .. and to the time that we hung up; she kept fighting the urge to say "have a good day tomorrow", and finally I closed with "I'll see you tomorrow" .. lol lol lol ..

I'm happy to say, that I saw the lightning starting, but I honestly did not hear a thing .. I actually slept sound through to this morning when I woke up with a flicker of the fan; as the power flickered, but not bad enough to even have to reset clocks .. that's how fast it was .. so I'm blessed .. :)

Today I'll be picking mom up (whether she remembers or not) to spend the day with her .. and head to Madison .. :) I told her it's only for a few hours; and then we would come home and have dinner at her favorite restaurant (I like it too) and that will probably poop her out .. (me too I'm picking her up around 9:30ish .. or so ..

I'm not sure if hubby will be coming home tonight .. we'll see .. but he advanced to the next round of the tournament he's in .. so we'll see what happens .. but for now .. I'll be getting him tomorrow at 12:15 am .. *zzzz*

Okay -- now time for "thinking with Sally" ... :)

This week has been different .. As you may have noticed (or not) I haven't been mentioning my "exercise" .. I haven't been posting my exercise on Spark, and I haven't been talking about my exercise .. I haven't been using much in the line of watching my steps .. but have not been sitting quiet ..

I feel I have been falling into the syndrome, of "I'm exercising I *deserve* this or that" .. and needed to get my head back in line .. This week, I've concentrated on not sitting and vegging in front of the TV ..(with the exception of Sunday night when the BAD storms came through) but I'm not seeing it in black and white .. and have found that my brain has switched again to the food intake .. I eat when I'm hungry; and sometimes that means only a couple meals a day .. I eat until I'm full, I concentrate on what I'm eating ..

And through the time that hubby has been gone, my scale has been creeping back down again .. even with the stress of the weather and being alone .. Soooo never fear, if you've been watching my "postings of exercise" and all of a sudden it's stopped .. this is the reason why .. and I'm satisfied .. When I need the gratification of seeing the exercise again, I will start posting, but for now .. I allow myself limited times in front of the TV; otherwise I'm up and moving ... and I feel good about that !!! :)

With all that being said .. I hope everyone has a great day ... I'm planning on it, and looking forward to spending my day with mom !!!!!
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    170 days ago
    Sally adjusting to retirement is hard. (I watched my parent's struggle when they did) You will find your balance and be OK!!!
    170 days ago
    Loved your memes today. I truly want that puppy in the coffee cup! Your mom is lovely.
    171 days ago
    Nice you were able to say hi to “the gang”!

    Yes, so many devastated by yesterday’s storms. UGH. YES I was a nervous Nellie last night as well. BUT all seems well. Flooding in places, but that was expected. I am glad you’re all right! Yes, the wind was totally wicked.

    PHEW! Feel better hearing the explanation of “grampa” and glad it’s working!

    Hope it's a good day! At least I think the weather is supposed to be better! I'll be happy w/that.

    171 days ago
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