1st day of School Tommorow!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

I have made it thru the Summer! I lost weight and kept it off! This school year I have some goals. I seem to always make these and never seem to do it. But today I feel accomplished.
My daughter had two surgeries and we had a I will call it sickness in the house that stressed me to the max! But I have kept at it and not given in to daily stress eating. I will be honest I have had bad days! But who doesn't!! Probably would be so much further along with my weight loss if I had not of had those days but moving forward emoticon emoticon .

One goal is not weight related. For a while I have wanted to wake up before the kids and get the day started but my oldest daughter never sleeps well and I always end up waking up 5 minutes before they wake up.

1-So First goal wake up at least an hour before the kids to read bible/pray, cut coupons, umm maybe drink a cup of coffee.
2- Organize one task a day even if it's just a cabinet or closet.
3-Eat healthier not just limit calories
4-Stress less

Ok here are my goals for the year. It's a new school year and feeling hopeful!
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