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Happy Friday ... Hubby takes off tonight, then a week of bachlorettism .. :)

Friday, August 24, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Yes ..... I had a WOOHOO day !!! Hubby was still being a big dumb boy, but it wasn't as bad .. my theory was that he was leaving tonight for a week, the "upset' was not going to go through so I would be sorry after he left .. so things have softened .. and yesterday is over .. and since this whole thing stemmed from mom and her shopping time; and that was done and over yesterday afternoon .. (no .. he never called her to change the time .. so it's his fault anyway) .. but seriously -- I don't believe in going to sleep angry, or with him leaving, I will not be dropping him off with a bad feeling ... so that's done and over with ..

However .. I had a wonderful day yesterday -- 99% alone ... by myself ... no one else .. :) .. I got to the office at around 10, in which Kim bought me a frapp from next door, for my pay lol .. (they haven't abused me enough for me to start talking about charging .. :) ) and we dug in .. For me the problems were easy; but for her they would have been detrimental .. (been there done that .. ) and the solutions were challenging, but nothing bad ..

By the time I left, after finishing up with her, and just chatting with the guys next door; I left about 12:30ish ... and wondered .. I knew where I was going next, but was hungry. I really didn't want McD's, and decided on Cousins (sub sandwiches), and bought myself a turkey sub, and small soda (Minute maid lite lemonade .. YUM) and that filled the hole in my belly ..

From there I went to Wisconsin Memorial Park (cemetery). It was a beautiful day; and I thought would go hunt down my family .. :)

I decided to play a game with myself .. and looked at the maps in the car, and then went out on my own .. :) leaving the maps in the car .. lol .. both sets of grandparents behaved, but darn daddy .. got up and moved again !!!! I ended up having to walk all the way back to the car, and look up the area that he was in .. I walked to that area and there he was !!! :)

I found gramma and grampa S* without a problem ... and found I probably DID just walk right by them when I went to try and find daddy last time .. :)

and then went to look for daddy .. well -- Like I said ..that was a challenge, but then, daddy always emphasized exercise ... so maybe he was helping me get my walking in .. lol .. but I finally found him after walking around arguing with him .. lol lol

I found another feather yesterday .. I'm kinda thinking from the color and the shape, it's a feather from Canada goose .. but it was pretty and I added it to my collection .. lol ..

I had to walk over to the other end of the cemetery, in order to find gramma and grampa K .. and well -- I warned them that they better not be as belligerent as their son .. lol and they behaved .. Yup -- they are close enough to the front gate for grampa to watch the semi's go by .. :)

So .. I walked along the road back to the other end of the park, back to the car.. They were busy there yesterday; while I was there, there were at least 4 graves being dug .... emoticon

But I felt good when I got back to the car .. and I was just going to go home .. but NOPE !!! it was only 3:00ish and I was still on my own .. :) so I swung back to my "office" area and stopped and made an appointment for next week Tuesday morning for my oil change for Elsie .. the place that I have been going to for years .. I told him about my mishap with the Beauty; and he just rolled his eyes .. but didn't say anything .. I told him "lesson learned" .. so next week Tuesday at 11:00 Elsie goes in for HER oil change; and you know what .. It will be less expensive .. lol lol ..

After I left there, I stopped at Meijer, and got myself a porterhouse steak, mushrooms; and an onion for my lunch for Saturday .. :) It was the same price as the Tbone, and for as big as it is, I can get a couple of meals out of it .. :) YUM YUM !!!! So -- now I don't have to stop on my way home from dropping hubby off .. :) I can just come right home .. :)

I was almost home when I got a text from hubby saying he had an idea for dinner .. 6 pack and a pound from Taco Johns .. (OMG YES!!!) .. I called him back and told him I was almost home, and that sounds great !! and if he'd wait for me, we could go and eat the food while it was hot .. :) so I had 3 tacos, and a bucket of tater ole's (tater tots) for dinner .. :) YUM YUM !!!!

I've set up my sewing machine table; and looking forward to digging into my quilt today and tomorrow .. :) YAY !!!! UNdisturbed.. :) Phone will not be answered .. (unless it's hubby) .. :) Hubby is on his way out today; to do some "grocery shopping" .. I told him I don't need anything, but he has specials on soda .. (and he will get his antsiness out somewhere other than around here) .. and I asked him the only thing I want is nanners .. I'm set everywhere else .. :)

He doesn't leave until I think I'll be dropping him off at 6ish tonight ... he's going to be like a little kid until then .. *sigh* lol I'll miss him, but I'm looking forward to my bachlorettism for the next week .. and he'll be home Thursday morning at 12:15 .. emoticon Yup .. that's just after midnight lol ..

I have stuff planned for the entire time he's gone, so the time will go fast .. :) AND I GET TO WORK ON MY QUILT !!!! lol lol lol ..

Have a great day !!! I have to get myself going here .. :) so talk again later .. .:)

Wave to the skies at 8:45ish .. to hubby as he flies by !!! :)

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    This will be a lovely time to find a retirement schedule that may work for you! Since hubby retired before you, he found his and it works for him. I know you love Mr. E but sometimes it seems as if he is too 'entertaining' and you want some time to be able to do some crafty stuff. This maybe a good time to find what works for you then when he returns you can find a nice blend that may work better for you!!!

    Enjoy your week!
    178 days ago
    Sorry DH didn’t call our Mom, but you’re right on all counts. It’s his fault, and it’s done and over. Your philosophy to not go to bed angry or have him leaving w/you angry is one I believe in, as well.

    That’s great that you got the problem solved w/Kim yesterday. I’m sure she was a happy camper!

    Awwwww, sorry your Dad moved on you. **SIGH** But glad you found your clan!

    We’re having a porterhouse tonight, too! With ‘shrooms and onions! Delish.

    Hope Mr. E has a good time! And you too!

    178 days ago
    Glad things are resolved.
    178 days ago
    178 days ago
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